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Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

These are the answer for DK Quiz Space Race Question and Answers, Cheats, for Easy , Medium, Hard on all level of the game. This game is developed by Dorling Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

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  1. Who was the first man into space?
  2. Yuri Gagarin
  3. Who was the first woman into space?
  4. Valentina Tereshkova
  5. How long did Alan Shepard’s space flight of 1961 last?
  6. 15 minutes
  7. In which year did the US land a man on the moon?
  8. 1969
  9. Who was the second man on the moon?
  10. Buzz Aldrin
  11. Which American was the first to walk in space?
  12. Edward White
  13. Wally Schirra is the only US astronaut to have been onboard Mercury 6, Gemini 6, and Apollo 7.
  14. True
  15. How many people have walked on the moon?
  16. 12
  17. What is the name of this module that transported astronauts from Apollo 10 to the moon’s surface?
  18. Eagle
  19. What was Sputnik 1?
  20. The first artificial satellite in orbit
  21. When was it launched?
  22. 1957
  23. Which animal has been into space?
  24. All of them
  25. Between which years was the Space Race most active?
  26. 1957 and 1975
  27. What was Explorer 1?
  28. The first US satellite
  29. The Space Race contributed to the environmental movement.
  30. True
  31. What does "Cosmonaut" mean?
  32. Sailor of the Universe
  33. What does "Astronaut" mean?
  34. Star Sailor
  35. Which US President started the race for the moon?
  36. Kennedy
  37. The co-operative Apollo-Soyuz Test Project spaceflight mission of 1975 eased tensions between the US and USSR.
  38. True
  39. Where is the Kennedy Space Center located?
  40. Florida

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