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FROST is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by kunabi brother GmbH, FROST is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th October 2017 with the latest update 20th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


14,947 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game FROST from APP STORE.


Draw paths to guide the flocking spirits to their home planets. Watch countless beautiful creatures emerge from light, bring balance to a world in constant motion, and unravel its mysteries.

For the first time in your pocket:

  • Dancing Stardust
  • Frantic Swarms
  • … and Neutrino Flowers

In a breathtaking tale about attraction, interaction, and transformation.

Also starring:

  • Particle Hunters
  • Glowing Baitballs
  • Firecracker Bouquets
  • Living Walls
  • Fountains of Light
  • Supergravity Shepherds
  • … and many more!

*** Please note ***
In FROST, you can interact with swarms and flocks consisting of thousands of individual agents. To make this possible, the game utilizes the graphics technology Metal to the fullest and is therefore available only on the App Store.

Updated on 20th October 2021

  • 20 NEW LEVELS!
  • Optimized for new devices
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

FROST Reviews

We’ve kept this app installed for years in case they ever updated to add new levels and that time is now!

Very relaxing puzzle game. Would recommend to someone who had a long day at work and needs to unwind.

We wonder how this game simulated magnetic fields trait like the real. It’s a fun and lovely game.

We are locked in a hotel with Covid for 5 days. This experience allowed us to escape and have some peace.

We’ve been waiting for a game as beautiful, metaphoric and captivating as Osmos by developer Hemisphere Games. Kunabi Brother GmnH take this genre of gaming to the next level! Each level more engaging and intriguing than the previous. We only hope the developer of FROST keeps creating! Either adding additional levels or new games built on the same concepts. Well done! Hands down our favorite game in the Apple store.

Wow, it got an update. This was the most surprising thing out of the whole day.

Love this game its a great way to escape, very relaxing for the mind and good therapy :-)

This is a great and relaxing game 5/5 easy :)

Sure wish we could play the new levels. We paid for the game and everything works except the new levels. Im on an iPad. Other than that malfunction, this is the most relaxing game!

Can only play once, no way to reset progress. We deleted and redownloaded but remembers our progress. Too bad its a one-time play.

Level 75 is broken, the little blues wander off and never come back Also if we get lucky and manage to get it, its like 2 minutes before we can chose another level.

There is nothing relaxing about this level at all. The others we could alway figure out but this one is kinda stupid. Not really fun at all. Sorry we loved up until this one ..

Dont waste your time! We thought they fixed it by now its been almost a year if not longer! Sad to delete this game.

The great game but we finished all the levels and first graphics are awesome.

The most mesmerizing images we’ve ever seen!!!!

Game is addictive and fun little upset we paid $5 for just 55 levels. Then to tell a friend about it who purchased it a day or two later for $1.99. We saw it said more to come so we hope that wont take too long to get back into it plus we hope they add the option to chose the level you play after completion so we dont have to go through all of them again to get to the new items.

This is a fun game but the current 50 levels are pretty old now. Will there be more free or even paid levels anytime soon?

We have the iPhone XR and the colors looks beautiful, this game is so peaceful to play which the soft sounds and bright happy colors that keep you from throwing your phone across the room (jk) great puzzle game.

You wont regret it! Beautiful graphics and very challenging.

We love this game. Its that simple. After solving all 55 levels (plus the bonus), we started at Level 1 and did it all over again. Beautiful design, very relaxing and perfect for the commute.

We have never played a game that is as visually stunning or as intuitive and peaceful. We struggle playing video games and games on our phone because of the stress and anxiety that they cause but Frost is incredible. Easy to play and perfect for interactive relaxation. And gorgeous. Im in love.

We keep coming back to this inventive and creative experience. Its meditation hidden in a soothing puzzle.

Relaxing and pretty puzzle game that is just delightful. If you enjoy puzzles this is a must buy.

That is it it is a great game but really lacks levels.

By far, the best mobile game we ever played!!!

Seriously, this is most fascinating thing we’ve ever seen! On our phone AND iPad it stops at level 10. We’ve tried everything we know to do. Please hurry……… We LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Sooo app support is non existent! Why should there be app support they already have our money, right.

Will there be more levels coming soon?

Graphics are mesmerizing, fluid, and peaceful. Levels are challenging but not overly difficult.

Little do people know, this game is solving the worlds problems.

This game is so satisfying, and so relaxing . We couldnt stop finding better games and since am 19 we cant find a single game that interest us when this appear… We were so interested in this type of game when we first tried it, it was the coolest THING OF MY LIFE… Well not the whole life but ITS STILL COOL. We really, REALLY want more of this type of games, we hope this will be the coolest and the greatest game ever!!!

This is game is so relaxing. If Im ever if Im a bad mood we play this game. It calms us down and is so satisfying. If l were you we would get this game.

When is part 2 coming???? We NEED IT!!!

Super relaxing and entertaining. Love the graphics and the music.

Truly stunning, mesmerizing, and dreamy like game experience . Dont know the best words to describe this game it is so beautiful, It gives us the same emotional feeling when we look up to the stars into deep space. Appreciate the hard work the developer put into this reality melting, interactive art piece with ambient sound effects and colors. But there is only a limited amount of levels in the game, we have high hopes the developer and his team are hard at work, creating more levels for us.

We love this game! Its a simple and enjoyable game that can pass some time. Only negative we have to say is that their arent nearly enough levels to play through.

We actually teared up because of how beautiful it is.

Thats all we have to say for this review.

Fun. Free play mode would be good. Designer should create more levels based on group insect movement patterns.

Amazing particle system effects.

First review we’ve ever done over the years its that awesome! Gorgeous, innovative, always new and surprising stunning visual puzzles that are giddily creative, hypnotic music that also inspires when big things happen, legit therapeutic, no joke Im glued to our screen and hope it never ends!

This game is exactly what we were looking for, very relaxed, delightful little puzzles, beautiful visuals and sounds. We really liked Monument Valley, and while not having a narrative in the same way, Frost is similar in tone. Help the little lights get home!!

This game is very relaxing and calm the puzzles were all a little challenging but some very easy. We would recommend this game, and we cant wait for some new levels!

This game is beautiful. Its challenging but not stressful.

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