Alliance Construction

Alliance Construction

Alliance Construction encourages all members to band together and contribute to their alliance! Alliance members can increase the alliance’s construction points and their own honor points by contributing a certain amount of resources or diamonds.

Lv 1-2 Alliances: For a low-level resource donation, get 20 construction points; Mid-level, get 100pts; High-level, 400pts.

Lv 3 Alliance: Low-level, 25pts; Mid-level, 125pts; High-level, 500pts.

Lv 4 Alliance: Low-level, 30pts; Mid-level, 150pts; High-level, 600pts

Lv 5 Alliance: Low-level, 35pts; Mid-level, 175pts; High-level, 700pts

Lv 6-7 Alliance: Low-level, 40pts; Mid-level, 200pts; High-level, 800pts

(Note: For each contribution of construction points, players will also get some a matching amount of honor points. Medicine is not used for Alliance Construction.)

Alliance Construction Rules:

1. Contribute resources to get construction points needed to level up the Alliance and also get a certain amount of Alliance honor for yourself to buy items in the Alliance shop.

2. After leveling up the Alliance, the max number of members will increase and more items will be unlocked in the Alliance shop.

3. For every contribution, there_s a chance to open a mid or high level contribution which will give a lot of construction points and Alliance honor.

4. When construction points are full, the Alliance leader and elders can manually level up the Alliance. Afterwards, there will be a cooldown period, during which time you can_t level up the Alliance even if construction points are full. (Current highest alliance level is 8.)

Tap “Ranking” to look up the contribution points of every member of the alliance. Normally, leaders will select elders according to contribution rankings, so get busy!

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