Alliance Hero

Alliance Hero

To be a good ally, you’ve gotta be willing to help others. Older players especially should set a good example for the younger players and help them level up quickly and raise their battle power.

In the Alliance Hero page, players can borrow and loan powerful heroes to other alliance member for free, but they can only be used for Bonus stages! After you issue a request for a hero, other players will receive your message in the Alliance Chat window and loan whatever hero they can with you. After receiving a hero, when you go to attack a Bonus stage, you’ll be able to use that hero, but only for 1 day!

Sending requests also has a cooldown period. If within 10 minutes no one loans you a hero, you can send a second request. For more details, please read under “Rules”.

An alliance member who loans a hero can receive some contribution points, and you can see your contribution points on the ranking board! In the current version, these points don’t have any use, but soon we will add on to that. Who knows what kind of luxurious rewards they can be exchanged for!

We hope everyone can help each other out and make your alliance more powerful!

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