Heroes System

Heroes System

A particular character that you can summon and control, such as Lufia or Salman etc. You can get Soulstones to summon heroes either through making wishes at the Wishing Pool or through completing stages in Elite Adventure, or you can get them for purchase at the various markets and shops. Sometimes you can also get soulstones as a reward for completing quests. Of course, it_s also possible to win heroes directly from the Wishing Pool.

Attributes: Here you can look up all of a hero_s stats

Rune: Inlay the required runes to increase a hero_s different attributes, and after all rune slots are full your hero will advance ( color level or unlocked equipment)

Skills: Each hero has 1 active and 3 passive skills which need advancing to unlock. Upgrading skills requires skill points and gold

Equip: Advance heroes to unlock equipment. After inlaying equipment hero attributes will increase, and some equipment can be actively used in battles

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