Hair Removal Run!

Hair Removal Run!

Hair Removal Run!

Hair Removal Run! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GOODROID,Inc., Hair Removal Run! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 15th February 2022 with the latest update 18th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Hair Removal Run! ?

254 people have rated 1.1.1

What is the price of the Hair Removal Run! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Hair Removal Run! released ?

Hair Removal Run! was released on 15th February 2022.

When was the Hair Removal Run! updated ?

The latest updated date of Hair Removal Run! on 18th May 2022.

Where can Hair Removal Run! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Hair Removal Run! from Apple Official App Store.



This is a very attractive game!

You have a lot of hair.
At that time, you have to remove your hair.

Run and collect good items to make you slippery!

Then attractive men will flock.
You are Queen!

Updated on 18th May 2022

bug fix

Hair Removal Run! Review

We cant get pass 1.9 and we dont have any hair on the girl its a scam.

Lo que debera cambiar este juego es de que cambie los anuncios porque a nadie le gustan los anuncios.

So when we first we were easy but when we got all the hair off it did not take us too 999 and it made us so mad but we like the game but the thing that creeps us out that when you have to much hair these things fit everywhere and it is annoying and creepy but we love it. It is so fun and we all ways play it.

Every time we get off the hair off all off. It gives us a 1.9. So un fair.

We cant get pass 1.8. Its like the game is forcing you to lose by getting 1 or more length of hair. Its impossible to get to 1.9 or 2.0 OR the bonus chest. Literally. It would be great if you could fix this and make the game more fair. Thank you.

We cannot get past 9, it is either a glitch but we nearly through our iPad cross the truck, we hope this is just a glitch and not the creator being mean. Please fix this!!

Well we have been playing this for a long time and we have been trying and trying and trying to get more than just 1.9 as a percentage at the end of each round but no mat the r how hard we try it never happens so we think it is a scam also when Im playing every yellow check mark just means another ad so basically every game you get at the least 3 ads which we think is very frustrating and dumb.

There is way to many ads. Like half way though a round there is a ad.

We think its an alright game but every time we pass a yellow mark its an ad. Its a little annoying, all Im trying to do Is play the game.

We kinda feel like this game is rigged bc it always fails to let us win and we cant get past 1.8.

We win, but, when we run out of Hair we cant be on the X999 this error cant happen. Please flix it. But we love this game its so mach fun but.

The game make you be fully without and hair but it makes it to were you never win even though you have all the hair off of you and it also weird how it makes you with just a bikini and no normal cloths so we give this game a 3 star. We recommend and different game if your 10 because this game is a little weird.

WHY CANT WE JUST PAST 1.8 its impossible put only we can pass level 1.9.

Hello we love this game just it needs at least one improvement we are not saying its terrible Im just asking can you pleas fix this for us its kind of brothering us well the problem that is bothering us is that whenever we keep going there is some parts that make you watch adds whenever u go over a yellow bump and some times those are very close togeather and also whenever we got so the hair off we were supposed to go to the top and which we didnt.

There is so many ads in this game and it is unfair that it is making you get hair growth.

Way to many ads but overall its okay ig.

You can not get past 1.8! They put all the hair at the end with nothing to cut it! Man, if we play that again it better be fixed.

This game is ig kinda fun even you play it but its really inappropriate to make it seem like its ugly not too shave and its just sexist like girls dont need to shave. Their body their rules which makes this game raspy bad and it can make girls insecure about a very natural thing, Body hair. DONT GET THIS GAME!!

So this is an amazing game but theres a glitch that ruins the game. So there a 2 glitches number one sometimes a hair ball doesnt touch us the game just adds it on us and its really annoying when Im perfectly clean and it happens at the end. Number 2 when Im perfectly clean with not a single hair on us when we walk down it always stops us at 1.9 instead of 999. Because of these glitches we have literally never won. Thanks.

The game overall is ok, but every single time we get to a checkpoint, an ad pops up. Thats what yall need to fix.

Theres a ads every yellow checkmark and we think its stupid. Try to get rid of all the ads.

Hi this game made us lose for no reason it has a lot of hair balls then u think and less green hair balls every 5s Im in the game its a yellow bump that makes u have a ads done get this GAME.

It would be a great game if you could actually win. There is no way to get past 1.9 no matter how hard you try. There is not a way to get rid of how many ads there are also. Every little time you get to actually play the game it gets stopped by an ad. There has to be at least 3-4 ads throughout one game! Its not very fun to watch the same ads over and over again in our opinion!

So basically, this game teaches children that you should have no natural body hair for someone to love you. And that having it will reject your chances of having a spouse.

Its a good game but we can not get her completely hairless and win because the give you the hair things after you get her hairless and no removales.

The game wont let us go above 1.9 and the lady was completely hairless.

Its fun but we WANT HEILCOPTER MAN HE HOT. But we cant get past 1.8.

You cant reach or the man. There is no way around it. You cant get anywhere only two steps away from the man!! And why is she only in a swim suit not a dress or something like the add!!

Ima keep this short and just say that there are wayyyy too many ads for one round and even without a single hair on the body, you cant get past x1.9.

We are only giving this a one star to many adds and it keeps glitching on the first stage right when we were going the rough it kept glitching and then it made us get an add and on the add when ever you accidentally press on it it glitches and makes you think the add is over but then it starts a new add and it barely lets you play it without watching 1 million ads.

Every time we hit a checkpoint an ad pops up. And when we shaved all the hair off, we didnt get the 900x. This game is rigged.

First of all we CANT PASS 1.9 like is that supposed to happen or like bruh we cant pass it and we have to say PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

We dont like it we want to get to the guy by the helicopter the stupid black things mess us up!! Fix it now.

Yall game scam in a slight stop scamming of yall skiing right now we really need to stop before we call the police.

There is so much ads we hate it and when you try to skip it dont work you have to wait till the ads are done.

This game is good but not great we cant even make it to the end of the game without there being an ad and its the same as every single time we hate it.

When Im not hairy just clean we can only get to 1.9 this a scam dont buy!!

First of, theres 3-4 checkpoints that are just 20 second ads. Then after you finish the level, theres ANOTHER ad just waiting there. Also, its impossible to actually win. You cant get to 1.9 at all. Its like a toddler made the game! It isnt fun at all and in our opinion, should be taken down.

You can not win you always get a 1.8 or less and you can not fully remove the hair.

The games fun and all but the only things that are bothering us are two things, first , the girl is always naked,second,you can never get to 10 or above. Its always 1.9 or 1.8,I read a bunch of these reviews saying the exact same thing , so we would really appreciate it if you guys could fix this bug or glitch,unless your doing it on purpose,then Im definitely deleting it. Sorry but these games need to be not only fun but fair.

Every time we try we tap on the game it kicks us out of the game so if you can fix this pls thank you.

You cant get to the rich man and the people who make your hair grow look racist ngl and also it lags a lot we mean we have one of the best devices so stop and remove this game.

We only give it a one star because everytime we try to shave, a commercial pops up and then after the commercial, it takes us straight to get more hairy. And we think nobody can win the game and go to the guy with the helicopter. The game always tries to get its way and make us get even more hairy. Dont download the game, and if the owner of this game seeing this right now, we need you to take out the ads whenever we go to that yellow line.

Well basically we dont think that little girl need to think about oh we have hair Im so ugly but really hair is a beautiful thing and our little sister asked sister can we shave and we said no why and she said cuse we cant be beautiful like this and bent down and hugged her and said you are gorgeous we love you so much so we dont think this should be a game just saying.

We really LOVE the game. Its really fun. Our only problem is that we cant pass 1.8. Maybe you could help us understand.

When we get all the hair off the doll it goes on 1.8 only its has to go on999 but it does not so people plssss plsssss fix that.

Its a very good game and our goal Ik games like these are to see what happens at the end on the highest number. We got the player to be completely hairless and the highest we could get was 1.8 and once 1.9. The thing that doesnt make sense to us tho is that she had more hair when we got her to 1.9 compared to when she was on 1.8. We made it our mission to get her completely hairless and onto 10 or above, but everytime after that 1.9 we just kept pulling 1.8s. We think this may be a glitch in the game.

Nobody can get past 1.8 even when all the hair is gone they still cant do it so its very confusing and weird but if you could just fix it.

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