Just Dance Now

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:55 am

Just Dance Now


Just Dance Now is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Ubisoft, Just Dance Now is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 25th September 2014 with the latest update 11th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, Casual, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


55,085 people have rated 5.4.2

You can download the game Just Dance Now from APP STORE.


Unleash your inner Dancer with Just Dance Now!

Enjoy Just Dance’s greatest songs and choreographies without a video game console!

Dance to your favorite hits among more than 500 available songs including awesome songs from the Just Dance 2020 console game!

DDU-DU DDU-DU by Blackpink
Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran
Swish Swish by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj
24K Magic by Bruno Mars
Chantaje by Shakira ft. Maluma
Naughty Girl by Beyoncé
Bad Liar by Selena Gomez
Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie
Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

Enjoy the Just Dance experience:

  • Instant: you can dance to your favorite songs in just a few taps!
  • Social: party with 10, 100, or 1000 players if you want! Dance with the entire world!
  • Fresh: new songs and exclusive content are added every month!
  • Customize: create your own playlists with your favorite songs
  • HealthKit: See your total calories burned in Just Dance Now directly on your Healthkit dashboard!

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Updated on 11th April 2022

  • Enjoy exclusive events and brand new Just Dance 2022 Songs in Just Dance Now
  • Performance tweaks and bug fixes

Just Dance Now Review

We play this game using our iPad and our Samsung Galaxy S10+ as the controller and it works perfectly, set up was super simple just scan the qr code and a number will pop type in that number and thats your dance room number, every time you launch the app you will be given a dance room number to join. Our only complaint is that its still not available for Fire TVs but thats ok. This game is provides a really fun workout without it feeling like a workout. PS. We dont think an actual person reads these reviews because we noticed negative reviews get the same canned response like its been copied and pasted .

So we have an idea for this game, we think you should add a feature so that we can use our phone cameras to dance. It works just like a PlayStation camera or a Kinect sensor, expect when you load your phone into the game you can choose to use your phones camera to dance. So basically its like when you go into a dance room you have two options: 1. Your phone (obviously) and 2. Your phone camera, now this is very simple. Your go ahead and let your phone camera access to jdn. Then, you go get into your phones camera and once you do that then it will verify your face and then take you to the main menu to choose your song. Then once you choose your song it says on your phone Get into the camera! And then dance! It may not accurately get your moves based on your phone camera and phone version (like for example a very old iPhone and then a iPhone 12 or an iPod touch or sumthing) and then play! We think this may be a bit hard for coding and adding and stuff considering the fact that updates take so long sometimes and it could slow down the game servers but we think after a day or two it will get back together. Thank you for reading this review. Sincerely – som the bomb.

Its been a while we havent been able to open this app in our phone. We reinstalled the app but still the same. App tries to open but then shuts down in a while. Is there any limitations with different iPhone generation?

We tried downloading the app and it wouldnt go to the song library of just dance now and its taking a while to load.

Its a lot of fun at first. Then after we made the purchase, 1/3 of the time we cannot open it via chromecast. Have to request a refund and report this issue. It simply would not connect and say room error. Issue was fixed after a year or so when we tried a second time.

If you like just dance, then you will like this app. There are lots of songs to choose from. Our only suggestion is that it would be awesome if there was a playlist with the new songs added. Theres so many songs, its hard to tell whats been added. Anyhoo, just dance is always fun!

We love this game but there are so many bugs, right it the middle of our song, it freezes we hate it.

We like just dance and its really fun the only sad thing is is we barely even get to dance because they only let us dance two times and then they make us wait about three days till we can ever dance on just dance again and if we ever wanted to dance more we would have to pay for it and obviously that is really frustrating!

Its fun. They got rid of our favorite song but thats okay. What im really annoyed about is the random online challengers that show up in our game when we have online challengers turned off. Its really annoying and they always win which really bothers us. It also disconnects randomly and kicks us out and makes us get 0 so the robots win. :0 please fix this its super annoying other than that we love this game.

Always LOVED just dance, and this app seems very well made and plenty of songs to choose from, BUT we just wish that the limit wasnt only 2 songs to play for the day. We understand the vip, but itd be great if the limit was set higher, or you could earn coins a different way. Either way, we love the app, just wish we could play more songs!

We like this app and how easy it is to connect to laptop, Tv, Tablet etc. But the coin system is stupid. We like how we get 200 coins at the beginning. But then we have to wait 24 hours to get more.. It makes zero sense. If we want to play more than two rounds then we have to get V.I.P. Which cost a couple dollars a month. But it makes more sense to but it for the xbox, PlayStation, Switch, or Wii. Then u wont have to pay monthly. We like how all of the just dance songs are in 1. Made us happy. But what didnt is the coining system. We think u guys should change it to get more people to download it. Yall are already a thousand dollar company. It doesnt make sense on how u need more THAT bad.

The game itself is like a cheaper version of just dance unlimited with slightly less songs.

Im doing this on a new Apple TV. But the TV is not telling us if Im getting perfect, super, good, OK, and terrible. But everything else is really good Id really like Ubisoft to write back to us. Today! And when will you start having just seen 2022 songs? And we try to do the help thing in settings. That was number two. And also our Nanas phone is to new (so is our Apple TV!) our favorite song is: gentleman style. And all about that bass. AND happy. And we dont know how perfect our dance moves are. Help us! Last thing, its just in 2023 going to come out? On the Nintendo switch!! Our real name is Deacon. We know that this is not a scam. This game is not bad! If we wasnt asking for help this would be five stars in our rating. And stuff. Bye! And right back someday.

So,what happened was we got on our my iPad to do just dance bc we were bored,so we got on and we spent our 100 coins. We were exited and ready to dance to fancy by Twice,but when the dance started,i couldnt see anything,The screen was black,I kept getting an x because we could see anything LIKE,NOTHING. We waited 20 hours for 100 coins to dance to our fav songs,but sometimes Im scared to even do that because it will take away our coins. Please just dance,I think this is a bug or something because it bothers us. Thank you.

We have a question and we hope you help us at it. Before a few days we tried to play the game and it said: play with a smart watch only but why if it’s not a problem in the game can you give us a chance to play . In the end if you want more installs just give us a chance to play and thank you . And hope to have an answer!!!

And if we join a game but it glitching it still takes our coins it just better if you watch it on youtube.

Es horrible todo el tiempo se traba y us dice que el servidor no funciona malsimo, el peor juego no sirve sale mejor comprarse el just dance 2022.

Every time we open the app to play, it makes us verify our age, and then overwrites our data with data from the cloud from the day we signed up and was at level one. We have a VIP pass and pay$4 a month. We think our level progression should be saved! Local data as we play on our iPhone does not sync to our Ubisoft account. We have been to Ubisoft website for help and they brush it off with a message to look in settings inside the game. The only thing is an article about privacy. We have asked for help and none comes. We do not recommend this app if you want to keep track of your dances, scores, and level up. It simply does not work.

We love it so much you can play with friends and you can get avatars you dont have to buy songs the songs are all free.

We love the app! Im a vip too but please add more songs like Fnaf songs. Please those are famous too and half of your fandom is in the Fnaf fandom too and and a category for TikTok songs! It will be a delight. Because some are on there but are hard too find. And some people may not know the song. Thats all!

We downloaded this app recently. We can connect to our TV just fine, but whenever we go to a song, then start the dance, its just a black screen with a star on the left side of the screen, the lyrics, the song playing (with no sound), and our name at the top. We dont know how to fix this. This happens with every song we play. Please help! Ill change our review once this issue gets fixed!

Click on dance, spend 100 tokens, never loads, cant dance. Not recommended. Support never helps also.

So when we first got this game we pressed help it said connect your phone, so we did after connecting our phone we clicked a song it said hold the phone in your right hand after doing that it was just dark we didnt see the characters that your supposed to see, but on the bottom there were people dancing but it was hard to to it like that we wanted to see the characters so we just deleted the app. Please tell us if we did something wrong.

Omg we have this on switch and this is just like it.

For someone who doesnt have a console this is super easy and cheap to use. A lot of fun :)

One of the best games ever even tho you only get 100 coins but we love this game best game ever.

We love just dance because we can dance all day long without stopping us and you only need two devices its really cool because we can dance freedom we can get anything we want on our own us and we can do whatever we want its really cool because the speed of you know whats coming whats that is coming next is the definition of freedom we really love just dance and we think youre just of the time to dance thanks Just dance thanks for everything.

Im having a lot of fun playing all the old and new songs all in one place. And we like the competitive aspect of playing online with others. We just wish we could use our Apple Watch as the controller instead of having to hold our phone, especially since ours is an iPhone max. Largest. Controller. Ever.

We really like just dance its just we wish we didnt have to spend coins for every dance no hate by the way.

We really loved it, but we didnt have an Apple TV so we had to play on our moms laptop.

Ubisoft please release buttons,poster girl, flash pose ,and all the songs of JD 2022 please do it.

So you really want to play just dance for the first time? Well download just dance now Pros: multiplayer unlimited songs, expandable levels Cons: very few coins, V.I.P to just play songs for as much as a console game And you have to wait 24 hours for 100 coins a day. But if you want the just dance experience then download just dance now.

Hey, we have started playing 2 days ago and im enjoying playing, but something that we dont understand is we cant find the new songs of 2022. We’ve seen people get those songs but we dont have them. If theres anyway to fix this please tell us.

We like too play it its good we would have given it 5 stars but the reason why we gave it 4 stars is because we dont like how you have to have coins to play the song.

We love this game so much and it is super fun. There are thousands of songs to choose from and the dances are all enjoyable. The tracker is very accurate and has zero flaws. We only run into one major issue with the game. We would like to play locally without someone random joining and it never lets us. Even when we turn the option off, someone always joins and this is very frustrating. One more issue, which is not really a bug or something that needs to be fixed, but it is a feature that should be added. For example, when we play with more than 4 players, their profiles do not show. Not being able to see if you perform a dance perfectly or ok takes away from some of the fun. Rather than that, the game is amazing to get some exercise and have a good time. We would definitely recommend this game to anyone who is looking for both.

We had this app for a while now and we love it But theres two things that we hate the most. 1. The coin system. 2. The updates system. It is unfair you only get to do 1 dance a day because each song is 100 and they only give you 100 coins. Also you can only save up to 200 coins meaning you can do more than 2 dances everyday 2 days. If you want to play but theres a new update, unless you do the update, the game is NOT going to let you play, if you dont do the update, you are NOT going to dance. Overall this is a great and fun killer time activity, but if the developers fixed this it would be amazing. 4 OUT OF 5.

We really like this game but there allot of songs but we still can fined the right one to pick so this is our review.

We spent 100 coins on a song and when we were putting it on our tv it exited us when we were loading in and we lost 100 coins for no reason.

We went to play just dance with 100 coins, everything was fine until we were abt to dance and the screen (except scores) was black and the music didnt work. We were very disappointed especially Bc we have to wait 16hrs to play again. Ig what Im saying is , it was frustrating. Maybe refund us our coins? Or fix the bug issues? Both? Lol.

Tbh, the song choices are fun and its pretty addicting. But we still feel making each song 100 coins per dance and having a 200 coin limit is kinda annoying. Im sure there is a reason behind it, but after you use up the 200 coins they give when you download the app and 100 when making an account, you have to wait 24 hrs to get another 100 coins meaning only one dance per day. Yk? (Unless you pay a subscription.)

Love the game and wish there was more songs to play, but everytime we connect to our google chromecast, it crashes both chromecast and app, we need this fixed so that we can keep playing.

Its fine but we want to play on iPad too because we dont have a iPhone lol so pleas make it playable on iPad pls.

We Cant Connect To our TV we Dont Know What Chrome Cast Is.

This app is pretty good! We’ve used it for a while and its super fun! We love dancing and we should of have downloaded it sooner, but we wish there was more song choices.. Maybe like kpop dances and songs. We love kpop and dances but we wish there was kpop dances, please read our review and add them. Thanks.

The songs are not fun theres nothing current and not much to from and we have VIP.

Astral season is out and all the other games in all other consoles have new songs (montero) except this one even though we paid the subscription.

First our phone kept disconnecting halfway. Now it just never loads so we dont get our scores. We love just dance so much, but the app just never seems to work.