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Luna Strange [$p]

These are the Answers for Luna Strange [$p] with Cheats, and Solutions for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and other devices with screenshots for you to solve the levels easier. This game is developed by Fantastic, yes.

What is the solution for Luna Strange [$p] ?

We are trying our best to solve the answer manually and update the answer into here, currently the best answer we found for these are:

  1. Go straight into the room.
  2. Then look at the right side with pages glimmering.
  3. Open drawer to get cylinder.
  4. Get the tarot card beside book.
  5. Then swipe with two fingers across to the right to reveal clue.
  6. Now turn right to see an angel statue holding a box.
  7. Zoom in all the way to the box.
  8. Use two fingers swipe to open the box and get the honeycomb item inside.
  9. Turn right and go straight until you reach a clock.
  10. Notice the time shown on clock with the shorter hand on two (II) and longer hand on eleven (XI).
  11. Keep going right and open cabinet with a puzzle inside.
  12. Insert cylinder into puzzle and rotate two gears at a time until all the three gears are lit with green light.
  13. Remove cylinder from the puzzle.
  14. Go further right of the shelf and get a metal piece on top of a book.
  15. Now head over to the desk on the other side of room.
  16. Use the metal piece on wooden box to open it.
  17. Open the top right drawer and pick up metallic bird.
  18. Turn left and head over to the cat statue.
  19. Place mechanical bird on wooden branch.
  20. Then swipe with two fingers across right to activate it.
  21. While the cat’s right feet is up, pick up the bronze crank by its feet.
  22. Turn right then go inside the room on the left.
  23. Go to the corner of room and look at the painting with a bird, an angel, a woman, and a cat with zodiac signs beside each of them.
  24. Take note of the zodiac signs. It is a clue.
  25. Zoom in all the way to left side of picture.
  26. Then use bronze crank on frame of painting to reveal a safe behind painting.
  27. Use the two finger swipe across right to activate puzzle.
  28. Move the keys around so that the yellow lines line up with the pink lines.
  29. Once puzzle solved, take the cylinder.
  30. Move back a little and head over to the cabinet on the right of painting.
  31. Open cabinet then zoom all the way in.
  32. Place down tarot card and few more will appear.
  33. Arrange tarot card as seen on painting: Bird, Angel, Woman, and Cat. The tarot cards are two sided so you may push button to flip it and find the one which you need.
  34. Once you have all four, place it in sequence on the slots.
  35. Now place honeycomb item in the slot to reveal another puzzle.
  36. This puzzle is fairly simple. You need to move the black piece around the board, activating all the black lines without getting stuck.
  37. Then get back the honeycomb item.
  38. Tap on the cylinder in your inventory.
  39. Double tap to zoom in then make all the gems light up green to solve first puzzle.
  40. To solve the second puzzle, rotate the tiles so that the light from first gem reaches the other two gems.
  41. Now head back a little to the table leg with a purple marble on.
  42. Insert honeycomb item into the slot on table leg.
  43. Then insert cylinder into the hole on table.
  44. Grab the purple marble.
  45. Head back to the desk where you unlocked the box.
  46. Place purple marble in the slot.
  47. Solve the maze puzzle by turning and moving the two green dots out from the maze.
  48. Now place cylinder in the slot and use the two finger swipe to charge it.
  49. Take back cylinder from the slot.
  50. Then use cylinder from your inventory to activate puzzle.
  51. Solve the puzzle by rotating the left and right disk until the wavelength match up.
  52. Go back to the table and inset cylinder into the hole below clock.
  53. Then adjust the clock on table to match the time seen earlier on the tall clock.
  54. But you are doing it upside down, so the short hand should point at VIII and the longer hand points at V.
  55. Grab the book to complete episode one.
  56. That is all for now. When there is a new update we will add the new contents.
  57. Note: The game is a bit buggy at the moment. So if you do not finish the game in one sitting, you may not be able to complete it.

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