State of Survival Reservoir Raid

Reservoir Raid Event

Reservoir Raid is a regular event in State of Survival for the top 20 ranked alliances in each state.


  • Troops will NOT die during the Reservoir Raid.
  • Any troops wounded during the raid will be recovered automatically when the raid ends.

Before Event

  • Only the top 20 alliance ranked by alliance power will be able to register for event.
  • Participants must be HQ level 16 or higher.
  • Members of an alliance that is R3 and below can vote for the best time slots that they can participate in the event. It is possible to choose more than one time slot.
  • The R4 and R5 of an alliance can see which time slot will have the most numbers of members that are able to join.
  • During registration stage, R4 and R5 of the alliance can register for Reservoir Raid and select up to 30 participants for the raid, plus 10 reservists.
  • Before event start, participants must ensure all troops are in the base, no wounded in hospital, no hidden troops in blast shelter, and no reinforcement in the settlement.

During Event

  • Reservoir Raid takes an hour to complete.
  • Once the battle begins, all participants will be able to enter the canyon where the raid takes place.
  • Once in the canyon, the default colour of your alliance is blue.
  • The battle itself will be divided into 3 stages where certain buildings will be activated during each stage.
  • The alliance that obtains the highest amount of purified water by the end of event will be the winner.

The 3 Battle Stages

State of Survival Reservoir Raid

  1. Stage 1 the opening of Water Treatment Centers, Water Processing Plants, Solar Power Stations and Abandoned Helipads.
    • This is an important stage because there are two buildings which gives bonuses here, namely the Solar Power Station which reduces control time by 50% and the Helipad which reduces the cooldown time for advanced relocators by 50%.
    • There are two Water Treatment Centers and four Water Processing Plants which gives water points if controlled by your alliance.
  2. Stage 2 the opening of Central Reservoir, Munitions Factory and Dev Compound.
    • Stage 2 will open after 15 minutes of opening Stage 1.
    • The Central Reservoir is the main objective of this event granting lots of water points if controlled by your alliance.
    • Munitions Factory will grant your alliance 15% increased in troop damage and 15% less damage to opponent alliance if controlled.
    • Dev Compound grants the alliance holding it the ability to release waves of Infected to attack a target building, dealing damage to their troops and reducing their troop attack and defence. The strength of the infected increases every wave, up to three times stronger.
  3. Stage 3 the opening of random Water Tanks.
    • Stage 3 will be opened after 5 minutes of Phase 2 opening and updates 3 times.
    • This is an important stage if your alliance wants to win.
    • Occupying most of the Water Tanks at this stage will most of the time grants the alliance higher water rate compared to their opponent.
    • Send troops to gather in Water Tank similar to sending them to the mines.


  1. Alliance Rewards
Alliance Reservoir Coin 100 Biocap Advanced Relocator Epic Search 10k Food 10k Wood 10k Metal
Victorious 2,000 6 2 4 80 80 16
Defeated 1,500 3 1 2 40 40 8
  1. Solo Rewards
  • Victorious Alliance members
Purified Water Reservoir Coin 100 Biocap Legendary Hero Fragment Legendary Hero Badge 1h Training Speedup Combat Manual II
180,000+ 12,000 20 10 12 20 100
90,000-179,999 9,600 16 8 10 16 90
42,000-89,999 7,200 12 6 8 12 80
20,000-41,999 4,800 8 4 6 8 70
2,000-19,999 2,400 4 2 4 4 60
  • Defeated Alliance members
Purified Water Reservoir Coin 100 Biocap Legendary Hero Fragment Legendary Hero Badge 1h Training Speedup Combat Manual II
180,000+ 6,000 10 5 6 10 50
90,000-179,999 4,800 8 4 5 8 45
42,000-89,999 3,600 6 3 4 6 40
20,000-41,999 2,400 4 2 3 4 35
2,000-19,999 1,200 2 1 2 2 30
  • Reservoir Coins could be used to purchase items in Reservoir Store.

Important Tips

  • There will be free one hour healing speedup that accumulates over time for this event, so try to heal your troops in multiple of an hour during event.
  • There are free marching speedup and advanced relocator that refreshes over time too.
  • If you lose all your troops, you may leave the event and come back after 15 minutes with full troops. But a word of warning though, leaving the event half way will lose your solo water points.