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  1. What was the forerunner to the modern camera called?
  2. The Camera Obscura
  3. What are the small dots that make up a digital image?
  4. Pixels
  5. The more pixels there are, the greater the image’s…
  6. Resolution
  7. What type of film would this camera typically use?
  8. 35mm
  9. Who developed color photography in 1907?
  10. The Lumière Brothers
  11. This camera is known as an "SLR". What do the letters stand for?
  12. Single Lens Reflex
  13. Who created flexible film?
  14. George Eastman
  15. Sensors in a digital camera help it guess what color an object is. What is this called?
  16. Extrapolation
  17. The word "photography" means "drawing with light" in Greek.
  18. True
  19. What sort of camera is this?
  20. A movie camera
  21. Nicephore Niépce took the first permanent photo in 1827.
  22. True
  23. How long did he have to expose the film to take it?
  24. Eight hours
  25. What kind of lens is attached to this camera?
  26. Telephoto
  27. What is the aperture on a camera’s lens often called?
  28. The F-stop
  29. To take photos of fast-moving objects, what needs to be increased?
  30. The shutter speed
  31. What type of camera can be use to safely look at the sun?
  32. A pinhole camera
  33. What is the common name of this video camera, which became popular in the 80s?
  34. Handycam
  35. Moving images are still images taken so closely together that the human brains thinks they are moving.
  36. True
  37. Black and white film is no longer sold on the market.
  38. False
  39. What kind of device allows you to take photos and send them to other people?
  40. The camera phone

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