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Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

These are the answer for DK Quiz Robots Question and Answers, Cheats, for Easy , Medium, Hard on all level of the game. This game is developed by Dorling Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

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  1. Who is the diminutive white and blue robot in Star Wars?
  2. R2-D2
  3. "Robot" comes from the Czech word for slave.
  4. False
  5. Which science fiction writer came up with the Three Laws of Robotics?
  6. Isaac Asimov
  7. Nikola Tesla made a foray into robotics by designing what in 1898?
  8. A radio-controlled boat
  9. Over half of the world’s robots are located in Asia.
  10. True
  11. Wakamaru is a Japanese domestic robot designed to help…
  12. The elderly and disabled
  13. In which Fritz Lang movie can this robot be seen?
  14. Metropolis
  15. Which of these is not one of the Three Laws of Robotics?
  16. A robot must vow to destroy all other robots
  17. Built in 1961, Unimate was the first industrial robot. What work did it do?
  18. It helped build cars
  19. Approximately how many robots are serving in the US military?
  20. Over 4,000
  21. What were the names of the human-looking robots in the movie Blade Runner?
  22. Replicants
  23. Japanese robot EveR-2 is the first android with the ability to do what?
  24. Sing
  25. Which Transformers robot is this?
  26. Optimus Prime
  27. Many industrial robots with fixed arms are used for what simple function?
  28. Pick and place
  29. By what year does the Korean government plan to have a robot in every house?
  30. 2020
  31. Which robotic car was the star of TV show Knight Rider?
  32. KITT
  33. Some robots went rogue in which futuristic movie starring Will Smith?
  34. I, Robot
  35. How many of the world’s robots can be found in Africa?
  36. Less than 1 per cent
  37. What kind of robot is designed to look like a human?
  38. An android
  39. This robot commonly stars in The Simpsons cartoon show?
  40. False

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