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DK Quiz Alternative Energy Sources

Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

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  1. Which of these is not considered a source of alternative energy?
  2. Coal
  3. Alternative energy sources are commonly created to reduce the burning of which fuel?
  4. Fossil fuel
  5. in the 19th century, what alternative form of energy replaced whale oil for use in lamps?
  6. Petroleum
  7. Which country is the largest producer of ethanol fuel in the world?
  8. The USA
  9. How many homes in the USA are powered solely by solar energy?
  10. Over 10,000
  11. The countries of which continent control the most offshore wind power?
  12. Europe
  13. From where does geothermal energy derive its hot water?
  14. The Earth’s interior
  15. What is the name of a plant-derived substitute for gasoline?
  16. Biofuel
  17. Which US agency began studying wind power in the 1970s?
  18. NASA
  19. In which decade was the first modern wind turbine built in Vermont, Canada?
  20. The 1940s
  21. For how many years has water power been used to grind grain?
  22. Around 2,000
  23. France is the largest producer of nuclear energy in Europe.
  24. True
  25. How many homes can be powered by the electricity produced by one wind turbine?
  26. 300
  27. As an energy source, natural gas costs 15 times more than coal.
  28. False
  29. How much has the US government spent on the research and development of hydrogen fuel?
  30. $1 billion
  31. The people of Europe were running low on wood to use as fuel by the 1400s.
  32. False
  33. Which of these is not a concept for future alternative energy?
  34. Bakelite
  35. What are the two types of solar energy?
  36. Thermal and electric energy
  37. Which European country has the largest solar cell capacity?
  38. Germany
  39. When did Charles Fritts invent the first solar cell?
  40. The 1880s

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