Conquestia Hoard Rules

Conquestia Hoard Rules

  1. When a season ends, the Conquestia Hoard will appear. The quality of items in the hoard is affecting by an alliance’s ranking and score.

  2. Alliance members can all bid on items in the hoard, and whoever bids the highest wins the item.

  3. After a Premium Hoard closes, 50% of all diamonds proceeds from the bidding will be distributed among all alliance members, and members who have made a contribution in the cross-server war will also be sent a share. Players who leave the alliance before the Conquestia Hoard opens will not be able to get a reward.

  4. There is a limit to the amount of diamonds each alliance can have redistributed, and that limit increases as the Conquestia Hoard level rises.

  5. Diamonds will be deducted immediately after a player makes a bid. If the player is later outbid by another player, then the diamonds will be refunded via in-game mail.

  6. For Premium Hoards, each player has a limited number of bid chances, after which no more bids can be made.

  7. Some auction items require a player to reach a certain Conquestia War points threshold before a bid can be made on them.

  8. An alliance must reach a certain rank to have access to Glory Hoards. Treasure quality from these hoards is determined by alliance ranking and points. Diamonds generated by auction of items from Glory Hoards will not be redistributed.

  9. Diamonds spent on the auction will not be tied into any other event. (For example, you will not receive flowers after using diamonds to bid on auction items.)

  10. Conquestia Hoard starts after the season ends and closes 2 days later.

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