Golf Dreams

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Golf Dreams

Golf Dreams

Golf Dreams is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rather Unique AB, Golf Dreams is a Sports game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 9th April 2021 with the latest update 25th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Sports, Simulation, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Golf Dreams ?

1,679 people have rated 1.1.0

What is the price of the Golf Dreams ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Golf Dreams released ?

Golf Dreams was released on 9th April 2021.

When was the Golf Dreams updated ?

The latest updated date of Golf Dreams on 25th May 2023.

Where can Golf Dreams be downloaded ?

You can download the game Golf Dreams from Apple Official App Store.



Golf Dreams is a free golf simulation game using real physics and groundbreaking controls making it one of the most true golf games out there!

  • Tournaments – start your career from scratch and work your way to glory. Solo golf gameplay as it should be.

  • Golf clubs – win prizes in tournaments and get new clubs and upgrade them to get yourself in perfect shape and sink even more birdies.

  • Weekly League

  • Awesome golf courses inspired by real world examples from the best courses around the globe. Tee off for a relaxing round with birds chirping in the background.

  • Shape your shots with draw and fade golfshot. Swing, chip, flop, punch, putt and drive your way to success around the fairway and greens. Stay away from the rough, bunkers and water hazards and make your way to the top of the tour.

  • Mini golf tournaments and multiplayer matches with 6 holes to play. Quick game play.

  • PvP multiplayer. Play golf head-to-head against friends or a random rival. No waiting time. Play your golf round directly and your opponent can play their round when it suits them.

  • Realistic golf ball tracer and tracker with in-depth stats how you strike the golf ball.

Enjoy a nice round of single player golf or challenge someone for a golf battle in one of the best golf games for free.

+++ Recent Reviews +++

"Beautiful game! Very well thought out and quick to play. I have been looking for a good golf game that has a fun solo mode and this is it!"
/ Bradley W.

"What a great bunch of engineering. The stroke is cool. The clubs play true. As does the wind. Only sad part is nobody seems to know it exists. If you play golf in real life you’ll enjoy this expressly for the controls and purity of play…"
/ Drew D.

"Best golf game out there! It’s the only not to be pay to win trash. No micro transaction, just courses to buy. No chests to unblock. Also more realistic, you can choose the clubs and you don’t magically know where it will land, and you also don’t play a stupid timing game to play. Just feels like golf. Kudos on making this game."
/ Tiago S.

"Lots of fun and as challenging to play as actual golf. I’m enjoying the simplicity and colors of the polygon graphics…"
/ Richard D.

"Brilliant game, probably the closest game to a simulation. No pay to win aspects and really bright future for mobile golf games"
/ Daniel D.

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Updated on 25th May 2023

We’re thrilled to introduce exciting new features to enhance your golfing experience! Here are the release notes for the latest version:

Chests for Winning Streaks: Get ready to be rewarded! In our ranked leagues, now you can earn chests for achieving winning streaks. The longer your streak, the better the chests you’ll receive. Keep those victories coming and unlock amazing rewards!

Unlimited Tickets: We’ve introduced the option to purchase unlimited tickets that are valid for invitational tournaments on all courses. No more running out of tickets. Play as much as you want, whenever you want.

Additional Chest Opening: Accelerate your progress with an exciting new option! After a tournament win, you now have the opportunity to purchase an additional chest opening. Gain instant access to the rewards inside and take your golfing arsenal to the next level.

We hope these new features add more fun and convenience to your gameplay. We value your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts or suggestions for future updates. Happy golfing!

Golf Dreams Review

This is the best golf game ever behind we sport golf.

Easy to play, fun and accurate of golf essentials!

It takes way to long to level up in this game. We have been on level 2 for a week and a half and have played for at least an hour a day maybe more. Otherwise this is one of our favorite games right now.

This has the potential to be a legendary mobile sports game. Its got incredible mechanics, tons of skill ceiling, and endless replayability. The issue is, its flat out too difficult. They need to tweak the swing mechanic to allow for easier hitting at 50-90% strength. They could easily do it with the back swing mechanic, just allow to pull back 50-90% of the swing! As of now the backswing on most clubs is automatic and so you cant control it. We know that they say half swings are in the game, its just difficult but good luck pulling it off on a mobile phone – its just not possible with how quick the motion is. Second problem is the AI. In the FIRST tournament one CPU player gets a hole in one on the par 3 every time. We’ve grinded out the very first tournament at least 25 times and even been in 1st on the last hole and still the best we’ve done is a 3rd place bronze chest. Its brutal, they have to figure out the difficulty. You can tell its just a spreadsheet poorly optimized. We cant even figure out a way to give them money except to unlock more difficult courses where Ill just get our butt kicked even worse, why would we do that?

We absolutely love playing this game. There are some glitches or improvements that need to happen. 1. Make is a little easier to upgrade clubs/or make the upgrades we receive more powerful. It is taking us way to long to get good clubs and we are playing well. 2. The swing inconsistency needs to be improved. The same swing pattern we use can be good one shot and then terrible the next. 3. The over exaggerated curl on the clubs is too much when wind is involved. Also can be under exaggerated as well. One shot we play like the curl and wind is going to affect the shot and then it doesnt at all. Need more consistency there Overall great game and looking forward to the growth its going to take!

Addicting and fun, but hit your tee shots so you are a full iron or wedge away. Trying to hit a 50% power shot is basically impossible. You’ll be 40 yards away with a wedge that hits "about" 52 yards…… Take less than a half swing and the ball will go 70 plus and fly the green. Your only chance is full powered shots. Out of the bunker…… Just hit and pray. If you don’t hit the lip and bounce backwards you’ll probably send it over the green.

We really like the game so far, but we have a suggestions. On a lot of putts we’ve had, the grid says the putt is dead straight with no curve. But when we putt the ball turns anyway. We think making the putting grid more accurate would greatly improve gameplay. Another thing is that new clubs are difficult and slow to get – making chest more often, or making new club drops more often out of chests would be nice. Other than that, we really like the game.

The game could be a great game but instead u have to play hours to gain tickets then play the hardest ai ever its stupid dont waste your time.

We dont know who is rating this game so high but its complete nonsense. The ball will bounce directly sideways into a hazard. The green reading couldnt be more inaccurate. Its just a guessing game anytime you have to hit a shot less than 100%. The wind sometimes moves your ball and sometimes it doesnt. Unlocking clubs is impossible because you have to play multiple rounds just to earn tickets and even after you have to finish first just to get a few cards to possibly upgrade clubs. And upgrading clubs then sets your bag all out of sorts in that some shorter irons will then go further just because theyre upgraded before others. Our 3 iron goes further than our driver. Playing against people online they either shoot -8 or +12, no in between. So many things to fix in this game. If youre rating it 5 stars you are clueless.

Please fix the spin on the pink irons! They used to have very good spin, but since the update they have almost no spin, like theres the purple clubs. More spin please!

We love the game, but Id like to see some different pin locations on the greens. We’ve gotten used to all the current pin spots and it would be a welcome challenge to have to face different pin locations.

So far its really good. A minimalist golf game, and the physics are realistic. We feel like this game might help us on the course a bit too.

We do enjoy challenging games but when the AI goes from barely getting -1 to then a -6 the next game its ridiculous. Always happens in the ticket tournaments as well. You will being winning with two holes remaining and then theyll get a hole in one and an eagle. So dumb.

RP points system broken. Scored four birdies with a match win, which based on scoring should have netted +220 RP (200 for win + 5 for each birdie). Only received +190. LOVE this game and have been playing non-stop. Bots need to be more predictable (I.e. More challenging in tougher tournaments). They are all over the place. Sometimes they shoot 1 under, sometimes they shoot 5 under. No rhyme or reason, kind of like real golf, but VERY frustrating when you have to win so many tournaments to get enough tickets to play the ticketed tournaments with chests. Once you get enough to enter, you could win by shooting 2 under, or with that same score could end up getting crushed by the randomized AI. Time, effort, and skill should reward chests, not randomization. Also, you should get chests for winning ranked matches online. It takes FOREVER, to unlock new clubs and upgrade even the basic ones. Need more opportunities outside weekly events and single player tourneys to unlock new clubs.

Opponents are ridiculous making it impossible to win the important matches.

This game is nuts. One of the best games of all time. Cant seem to get the add friends to work. This game is up there with prime Fortnite, prime minecraft, 2019 madden mobile, and prime cod.

Love the game its awesome but for whatever reason it only reset our clubs. We still have all the progress but we rlly dont want to grind all over again cuz we enjoy the ranked leagues. The game is awesome totally recommend.

A good idea. But incredibly frustrating. Putting is atrocious. No lines on the green move then a putt will break outside the hole for no reason. And as stated by others, youll birdie every hole only to be eclipsed by an AI that eagles out, meaning you have to replay multiple tournaments again to get enough tickets.

See we used to love this game, it used to be really fun and we used to play with our friends all the time. But then as we started to play by myself, this game made us want to die. We love how when you think youre doing really nice but then see the scoreboard and the first place is an ai shoving a 10 pole up your rear end with -9. We love how when the terrain is perfectly flat our ball roles 5 feet in the other direction. Not sure, it might be the invisible handicapped dude that blows on our ball every now and then. We love how our clubs are bipolar with every single shot we hit. We love how when its a goofy map with 90% water we have a 99.9% of getting a water hazard no matter what club we use. And we also love how when we play ranked leagues we lose to someone going -12 because idk we guess thats just fair. The ais on this game could put 97 tiger and his little stupid kid in the hospital. Its really nice to get new clubs in this game. It only takes maybe what, 200-300 games to get a decently nice place in a tournament. This game makes us so happy when we land in the bunker because the wind likes to have its way with us, and the next hit the wind leaves like our mother in kindergarten. We love how this game provides really calming music to help with the furious feelings we have after hitting a leaf with the hardness of a rock. This game makes us want to fly to sweden, where these creators are from, and piss on every statue and every building that we see.

Really love the game but the new update wont allow us to play single player at all. Hopefully this is fixed soon!

Great game and challenging, but single player doesnt work now.

  1. We were really loving the game and had an account with all purple clubs. But then it wouldnt let us play any course. We tapped on the play button and nothing happened. So we had to delete the app to restart our account. 2. We got our new account to level 2, tried to log in with our old account, but then immediately lost all progress we had in the game except our handicap 3. When one type of grass changes to another, theres always a little bump So great game, but Im just so frustrated with these problems *also, ADD A FORGOT PASSWORD FEATURE.

LOVE this game and have been playing non-stop. Bots need to be more predictable (I.e. More challenging in tougher tournaments). They are all over the place. Sometimes they shoot 1 under, sometimes they shoot 5 under. No rhyme or reason, kind of like real golf, but VERY frustrating when you have to win so many tournaments to get enough tickets to play the ticketed tournaments with chests. Once you get enough to enter, you could win by shooting 2 under, or with that same score could end up getting crushed by the randomized AI. Time, effort, and skill should reward chests, not randomization. Also, you should get chests for winning ranked matches online. It takes FOREVER, to unlock new clubs and upgrade even the basic ones. Need more opportunities outside weekly events and single player tourneys to unlock new clubs.

This game was great at first, but when we updated it became wacky and we lost all of our clubs and lost a lot of tickets. Not sure what happened but its a fun game without all of the wackiness.

We’ve been playing this game for a few months now and its been our favorite mobile golf game by far. Love playing through new courses and upgrading our bag. We noticed some bugs with the new update that are kind of frustrating: First it looks like theyve adjusted the level system and we went from level 5 to level 7 which is great but we didnt unlock the courses that come with level 6 or 7. Secondly our handicap is crazy high now for some reason, maybe its right but we dont think Im that bad at the game. Lastly and probably most frustrating is in leagues. We think there is just a negative number in the code that should be positive but whenever we tie in a 1v1 match instead of the RP getting refunded it charges us those points. Finally just some additional ideas: we havent gotten through silver so we dont know if the RP scales but if its just 200 a win for every league we think progressing will become very hard, we dont know how anyone would get to diamond. We would also like to see some reward for grinding through the leagues, maybe just a chest every time you get through one. Last point and probably least important, we’ve opened so many chests and havent gotten a single gold club, we dont know what the odds are but Im just salty about that. Overall super fun game, easily the best mobile golf game, we cant wait to see how it develops in the future, we hope you guys continue to improve it!

This game is overall really fun, however, Every time we win an open tournament, we get 0 tickets. We cant get into an invitational to even try to get a chest. In fact we havent been able to open a single chest for the 3 months that we have been playing this game. Its really annoying. We dont know if this is happening to anyone else but its to us. If this is an actual glitch and Im not just doing something wrong, please fix this as soon as possible. Its ruining the incentive to earn a reward we would probably have top level stuff from chests if we actually received them. All in all, this game is awesome but please fix this 0 ticket bug. Thank you.

Great updates! Love the 1-1 golf matches. Is nine holes coming in the near future? Please add more courses.

Since we updated to the new version, you do not get chests when you finish in top 3 in a single player tourney. So you use tickets and then get no reward. Please fix!

Everything worked good got to level 4 and it stopped giving us tickets upon winning. In a effort to fix we redownloaded the app and lost all our progress and still not getting the tickets when winning.

This truly is the best golf game on the App Store. Its no frills but has a level of fun with the different clubs and crazy winds on the later tours. We got all our golf buddies on it. Wed love if the multiplayer was expanded so we can see each others shots and compete in real time or in a more pressure situation where we can compete to win something. Or compete in a more tournament style with more than one person. Id also love to see tempo introduced where a more smoothest timed stroke and speed of your swipe impacts the power and distance. Being able to stop the club at the top for multiple seconds and still achieve full power isnt realistic as you need tempo to get full power and flex in the club in real life. Constructive criticism for a 5 star game with the potential to become bigger and better.

Not gonna gonna lie, just started and this game is pretty sick.

This game is truly amazing and we cant wait to see how much better the game could get over time. Theres a whole lot of amazing things in the game and it is really such a enjoyable experience to play. We have a few recommendations and other things Id like to mention. Id like to see more clubs being added. Tbh the rarity of the clubs dosent even matter cuz the gold ones are literally the same, stats wise, as the other clubs. Also the different putter options are pointless cuz they dont have any perk. One more thing is the swipe meter. When we swing with some of our irons when we go into a full backswing and we swipe our finger really hard the results will still sometimes be really low shot speeds and our ball ends up in the water/ bunker. Overall amazing game and we cant wait to see how far it goes!

We dont like how we have to watch the zoom in of every hole just to see the yardages of the fairway and green when Im only hitting the ball 250 tops, there should be a way to skip that or turn that off.

This will only talk about our issues. 1. Don’t understand how to add friends. Can you add a feature to type their name or email address in. 2. You should be able to keep your tickets or win some back if you place in a tourney 3. Putting from the fringe sometimes hits an invisible wall. 4. Some clubs are near impossible to swing at standard or accelerated speed. PW, 8i for example. 5. Some holes wind mechanics don’t work properly on tee shots.

So the game itself is super fun. Its our favorite past time game. But the only issue we have is it doesnt show us an option to upgrade our clubs or to buy clubs or anything and it gets frustrating trying to get better without being able to upgrade or buy clubs. Any help plz?

Look we get it, sometimes the opponents magically shoot 8 under on 6 holes and we never get our 1st place rewards; BUT for everything that is good in this world STOP ADDING STROKES TO MY SCORE WHEN we RESUME A ROUND WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN.

We love this game, we really do. We think its well-made, really fun, and a complete golf simulation with fun courses and clean mechanics. We wish it had more content (more courses, more ways to play), but what it has now it still pretty good. The thing that bothers us is that progression is absurdly slow. There is no way to check level-up progression, just an ambiguous bar that never seems to move. There are few ways to get better clubs, and the ways that do exist are incredibly slow. We respect the need to make money off of a game, and this is a game we would spend money on. But as far as we can tell, there is no simple way to buy to get rid of ads, or to buy any better stuff at any reasonable price. We hope this is adjusted, because we do really like this game! But as of now, we just dont see being able to give more than 3 stars because of these issues.

Fun to play and the mechanics are bearable to an extent. Wish there were more courses to play in single player and perhaps more variable events. Really dislike how impactful the flag is and find it hard to believe that there is no way to remove it. Often times we hit it chipping onto the green and then our ball ends up 10 yards off. Please fix this.

Im going to keep taking our reviews lower. This game has so much potential to be the best. A few things. The AI you play is insanely unfair. You have very little chance of winning. The wind impact is frustrating and so inconsistent. The putting grid is close to good, but also inconsistent. We have spent money on this game because it is pretty good but at this point Im close to being done. Also, zero understanding of how you level up and you have to play a million rounds to get tickets to play for club upgrades. Then the match you play for those upgrades are impossible. Again, could be incredible. We mean the best there is. Just give us a consistent platform so we can get better at the game and not just play against luck and unreasonable AI opponents.

We dont write reviews, but this game made us so angry we need to tell others. The AI changes based on the tournament youre playing, and anytime youre playing for loot, the AI immediately becomes 97 Tiger. The wind sometimes moves your ball 30 feet, sometimes it doesnt do jack. Pitching/Chipping is stupidly difficult to get right, and putting always seems to run out when it looks like it should drop. Theres no way to fast forward between shots. This game could be super fun, but needs more work. Feels more like a beta.

Played the game for a little while and was getting good at it. When we would land on the fringe we began to use our putter instead of chipping it on. One time we putted the ball and it got right to the line of the green from the fringe and its like the ball hit a wall and bounced back. Never seen anything like that in any golf game we’ve ever played. Also when the ball goes from fairway or fringe to green, it bounces like it hits a speed bump. Never heard of that before. Poorly made game. This only happens when you play the actual games that give you chests as rewards.

We love golf golf is life life is love #golf.

This is the best golf game on the App Store no question. However the tournaments that require tickets to enter can be infuriating. For a few reasons. For instance, sometimes even if we birdie 5 of 6 holes in a tournament we can still lose because an AI eagles and hole in ones the last two holes (which has happened numerous times) out of nowhere. We love that this game is challenging but sometimes its a bit ridiculous. Our only other issue and the reason Im even writing a review is because we grinded and played a great round to just pull off a 1st place at sunset valley which is a tough course and costs 15 tickets to play. Following our win we clicked OPEN CHEST only for us to receive ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Im not sure if this is a glitch or what but we are fuming over it. To sum everything up this is a great game and we’ve recommended it to all our friends and we will definitely continue to play. We just hope the issues we mentioned are addressed. P.S, we’ve never written a review before but this game deserves one and 5 stars because youve finally given us a good golf game to play on our phone. And we thank you for that :)

Fun game but its not letting us and our friends add each other. We get the screen but pressing either button does nothing please help.

We truly believe this is the best golf game on mobile. However, an issue arose. When we attempted to add our friend, it gave him the option to either accept or decline, and nothing happened when either of these buttons were clicked. Easy 5 star once this issue is fixed.

Everything about this game is nice and simple and we have nothing bad to say about it besides a few things that are inconsistent that can really mess up your experience. The wind speed and swing speed are two things we’ve noticed that never seem to have a consistent effect despite showing different numbers, which can really aggravate you if you are used to hitting the ball one way against 7 mph wind then all of a sudden that same 7 mph acts like 14. We really hope the developers can work with these inconsistencies as it seems Im not the only one experiencing them. It would also be nice to add a power meter to help gauge distance when chipping/putting/etc. With all of that said we still think its a great game to pass the time.

We love the game but we cant add any friends when printed to add or Ignore neither button does anything.

The first three tournaments we played were a breeze. But after we won our first chest, it immediately became impossible to win another chest. They definitely ramped up the difficulty in order to trap us into buying stuff in the app to be able to even advance. Terrible ethics.

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