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GRIS is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Devolver Digital, Inc., GRIS is a Adventure game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st August 2019 with the latest update 25th January 2021

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


640 people have rated 1.5

You can download the game GRIS from APP STORE.


Gris is a hopeful young girl lost in her own world, dealing with a painful experience in her life. Her journey through sorrow is manifested in her dress, which grants new abilities to better navigate her faded reality. As the story unfolds, Gris will grow emotionally and see her world in a different way, revealing new paths to explore using her new abilities.

GRIS is a serene and evocative experience, free of danger, frustration or death. Players will explore a meticulously designed world brought to life with delicate art, detailed animation, and an elegant original score. Through the game light puzzles, platforming sequences, and optional skill-based challenges will reveal themselves as more of Gris’s world becomes accessible.

GRIS is an experience with almost no text, only simple control reminders illustrated through universal icons. The game can be enjoyed by anyone regardless of their spoken language.

Updated on 25th January 2021

Controller support improvements

GRIS Reviews

Stunning art work and beautiful message. Really walks you through all the emotions, very beautiful game.

This game is absolutely beautiful. The art style and music are incredibly touching, and the fact that there is no speech (that we have encountered yet) makes it accessible to people regardless of their native language. Once you understand the controls, they are very intuitive and easy to use on iPad. This game was worth every penny (much cheaper than on other gaming systems) and we are excited to play more. We have a feeling this game will get very emotional, and that is an amazing thing from a simple side scroller.

Tears. Literal tears are on our face. We didnt think mobile games could make us feel so deeply. This is a masterpiece. Well done to everyone involved.

We are in love with this game. The music, the illustration, the gameplay, the sounds, the atmosphere everything about it is gorgeous and beautifully crafted. More games like these please might replay on the iPad just to experience this on a larger screen.

We know its been said many times already, but this is really the most beautiful game we’ve ever played. The artwork, music, and symbolism are very moving, and we actually feel like we learned something from the game. Dont be surprised if you cry at the end.

We loved this game so much! When it ended, we were so sad! We were happy that our blue haired angel found her way, but sad because there was nothing left to be uncovered. Also, we named the little cube block Cube-O. Precious little cube of joy that fostered happiness for our girl. We hope theres a sequel to this soon!

We just finished playing Gris, and let us tell you the music and graphics are both insanely beautiful. Although the game is short, we believe it was worth every penny. It felt like more than a game, it felt as if we were walking through a painting. Every single scene looked like it belonged in a museum and all of the puzzles were just difficult enough, only getting us to the point where Id scratch our head at most. All in all a beautiful game and Id give it more than 5 stars if we could!

We already beat the mtfk game on switch and loved it so much. Take our money ima play this game over and over again because its beautiful.

Okay, this game is one of our favorites ever. First of all, its absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the natural elements, the architecture, everything. We loved watching our protagonist leap and bound through every imaginable corner of her world. This games artists have a unique and consistent style, and the resulting settings are our absolute favorite part of the game. The runner up, however, is undoubtably the storyline. Following a girl and her journey of acceptance through the stages of grief, the ending of her story made us shed actual tears, even if her acceptance was more metaphorical than literal. As she learned how to run, jump, smash, and soar, it was easy to interpret this progress as one would struggle to return to themselves after grieving a loved one. It is masterful the way that the creators were able to discreetly weave a sorrowful tale throughout normal game play, so that even if you werent paying attention, you could understand the meaning in the end. The actual game was challenging and fun too! Peppered with many secret passageways and hidden achievements, this game is structured for those who want to finish a games basic requirements in several hours as well as those who like to look deeper. The one thing we will say is that if you are looking for another calm puzzle game to play, this may or may not be the one for you. It is largely control based, and a lot of challenges depend on how fast you can maneuver the character around, or how accurately you can jump from place to place. We especially had trouble in the very beginning trying to figure out how to simply make our character MOVE, before eventually figuring it out. But when we recommended this game to our mom, for example, as we have a history of sharing puzzle games between each other, she agreed with all our earlier points but eventually had to delete the game before its completion. As she attempted to play the game, we both realized she is more suited for simple controls, and didnt have the intuition for Griss controls that we had even after finishing the rocky beginning. After all, they are a bit harder to navigate than a game like Monument Valley with simple tap controls. Overall, of course, this game receives a shining five stars from us, and even if you think you may struggle with the controls the way our mom did, we recommend that everyone give it a chance because of its beauty and general perfection!

As a thirteen year old, we have a pretty short attention span. Puzzle games, especially ones that can be as challenging as this one, frustrate us. But for some reason, we loved this. No in-game purchases to ruin the immersion, and we swear that this is the only thing that successfully saves us from every panic attack. We’ve been able to claw our way out of so many possible relapses, and this game is truly beautiful and breathtaking in every way. Cant recommend enough. We were in the middle of playing GRIS when we just HAD to take a break to come write a review because of how overtaken with love and emotion for this game we were. PLEASE GET THIS! It might not be a game for everyone, but we honestly cant imagine not adoring it. We were a little confused right off the bat, but it was honestly so worth it to keep playing. Definitely up there in our favorite games of all time. Incredible.

This game took us on a fantasy beautiful story. We usually like shooter games but this was a great adventure. So different and well thought. We love the meaning of the story and the graphic design. One of the best games we’ve ever played. We thought we wasnt going to be able to get into it but we couldnt stop playing it. We would give it more stars if possible.

The best game we had ever played. Actually we cant say it is a game, it is ART.

Every so often, we find a game we love, and then there are games where we say, we get it. So impressed with the visuals, and the puzzles do not disappoint. But then the way the abilities unfold in order to progress the story arc of overcoming and healing are really very moving. We really enjoyed every minute of game play- being stumped, the humor in the way certain puzzles are solved, the fluidity. Really glad we tried this one and wont soon forget it.

We love everything about this game especially how symbolic it is! Best $5 we’ve ever spent in our life.

The visuals and music are gorgeous, and the storyline is mysterious and intriguing. We had a lot of fun playing this game!

Beautiful game. Gorgeous art. Adorable interactions with the world. Semi simple puzzles but some challenging. We cried in the forest section with rock pal. Totally endearing.

This game is art, period. On our iPad Pro 2018 every scene and puzzle could be a wallpaper screenshot. Im usual an action junky but took a chance when this was on sale. The soundtrack and beauty alone make it worth the play. And the puzzles become good too (if simple). Its a very stress free game.

We played GRIS with a PS4 controller on an iPhone 7 and this was one of the best experiences we have ever had. That beautiful artwork and music. Just wow. In the ending we had tears in our eyes because how emotional and exeptionally well they presented the pictures. You understand everything without any text. You dont need any guides or something like that because you wont get stuck. It plays just so smoothly and intuitive. Wow just hands down one of our favourite games ever. 10 out of 5*

Preface: The last time we held a video game controller was somewhere around 2006. We do not tend to enjoy, or be good at, video games. But for Gris, you do not need to be. Absolutely awestruck doesnt begin to describe it. We first encountered Gris on a Nintendo Switch, and it was so relatable and therapeutic that we cried multiple times throughout the course of the story. It isnt a game; its an experience, a journey of self-empowerment and healing. There are no life counts or items to buy, nobody to fight against, and nobody to save. Just a girl trying to repair the world around her and restore its beauty. When you jump into the abyss, you dont get hurt or die. The character slowly heals her emotional pain by improving the world, and she gains abilities as she heals. We loved it so much on Nintendo Switch that we had to get it for our iPhone as well. Id love an extended version from Devolver that explores some of the game areas in more depth and pitches the world out further. Absolutely revolutionary in the video game space.

This game started and we wasent expecting anymore than a side scroller rush game… We were so wrong! We do have a few areas of anger but thats due to a weak phone trying to run it but this was stunning and heck we’ve made a few screenshots our wall paper … This game is stunning.

We really enjoyed playing this game we finished it today and it was really good makes you think a lot so thats good Im hoping theres more updates in the future because the artwork, the music, and the levels all of it is really good we enjoy playing this game and Im hoping to see more in the future.

GRIS is a work of art and it should be talked about as so, however it is a very fun and mind challenging game. You work through a world of pain and agony meanwhile solving those problems and achieving new skills to help you along the way. The end is very rewarding and its ability to speak to the human mind and soul is unmatched to any game we have played before. We definitely recommend this if you love alternate worlds and the beautiful creation that is the human soul and heart.

We intended to use this game to kill some time, ended up staying up playing because it is absolutely beautiful visually and wonderful sound wise, some parts proved to be a puzzle we wasnt expecting but so happy to have found. We SERIOUSLY recommend this game!!!

An incredibly beautiful game with amazing soundtrack and a deep meaningful story about a girl literally putting the pieces back together after a trauma/dealing with depression. We have been dealing with depression myself and playing this game took us to a peaceful space and the story itself gave us hope. Needless to say many tears. So much love for this game and its creators.

We have spent a lot of time and money playing mobile games, but this one is by far our favorite. We’ve never even considered writing a review for a game before this. We have never felt so connected to a character and so immersed into a world that isnt even our own. Everything about it is beautiful, the score just blows us away and the art is fantastic. Yes there were a few times we got angry at the controls, but theres plenty of reviews about that. We finished the game tonight, and when we tell you Im crying, we mean Im CRYING!! The ending has no dialogue and we know exactly what she is feeling, we fully understood the intention of this game. As much as we tried, we could not hold back the tears. She is us and we are her, and the next time we lose myself in our grief, we will come back to play again. We will never forget this beautiful masterpiece. Thank you <3.

This game is gorgeous and the music is mesmerizing. It is our kind of game – a meditative journey that is part puzzle, part platformer, part pure art. We want to be fully immersed in it so much. But it is hard to do when our fingers are hurting from awkwardly attempting the same jump 30 times. The controls should be less frustrating and painful to use. Or the game should offer assistance when you hopelessly stuck. We would much rather focus on the characters journey through grief and healing than on the fact that we’ve twisted our fingers on some staircase jump.

At first, this game was boring, but over time, the color in the temple, forest, Green temple, Light temple, and the ending had got us into this game more and more. Although, you couldve used more pointers on what to do at first, and couldve added other paths to take. We have seen everything in the game, and a sequel would be the best thing in our entire life. Please add At Least a few megabytes worth of content.. It would add a more interactive compensation and comprehension for a game that is a story to truly behold, especially for a 7th grader with autism like us.

As everyone has already said, this is a STUNNING game. Impactful. It beautifully illustrated grief without any need for words. The music Visually, one of the best games we’ve played along with Monument 1&2. Highly recommended! The controls were easy to figure out and we didnt mind wandering around because thats kinda the point – to enjoy this piece of art. However, 1 point off for the pure frustration of playing the game on iPhone XE. It was extremely frustrating to control the characters movements. If we couldve saved our progress through the different chapters, we wouldnt have minded but since we cant do that, all the repetition made it vexing sometimes. It is hard to be relaxed and immersed in the feelings of the story when you Java to repeat sections so many times.

We downloaded this game after a friend recommended it to us. We started the game and it is absolutely lovely; the music, character design, and story are all so beautiful. We really would love to continue playing it, but we have not been able to get past the green level for weeks. There is a part in the game when you are in a circular shaped area with a suspended block in the middle that you must jump on with the aid of red butterflies. We know that you must double jump to get a boost from the butterflies, but they completely ignore us every time. We have looked up videos and tutorials, and we are doing everything right, but whenever we double jump over the butterflies, they do not notice us and dont lift us up. We cant tell if this is a glitch or if there is a technique we are missing, but it breaks our heart that we cannot progress and experience the rest of this incredible story. If possible, it would be amazing if that portion of the game could be fixed and that the butterflies would respond to our character.

We want enjoy it, but after 20 attempts at the same jump Im bored and deleting it. The controls need to be easier to use.

We really wanted to like this game but the controls dont seem to be working we cant jump from platform to platform. Beautiful idea, but not worth the money.

Youre better off buying this on console or PC instead because the controls are horrible on iOS. They dont even give you a tutorial, we had to find out online and its still hard to work with. Its a shame because it looks like such a beautiful game but becomes frustrating when you cannot maneuver properly.

We love the concept, the art and the soundtrack. And we get what must be done next (e.g. The flow of the game makes sense). But we cannot link enough perfect taps (jumps and turns) to get from one checkpoint to another without repeating sections literally 20-30 times. The lure is that we want to see more of the art. But the frustration completely removes the enjoyment. We like a challenge.. But there is a limit. This game.. But the frustration is far too much. If there were more frequent checkpoints, Id keep playing.. But we are deleting it to free myself of the frustration. If you are very good at precision tapping, this is a great game .. For you.

This game was gorgeous and an absolute delight to play until we came across a glitch that makes it unplayable. Theres a room in the green level in which the butterflies dont work as intended and make it impossible to pass. Please fix the glitch asap we’ve spent over an hour on this mf room and am going to delete the game. Not worth the tears or money.

What a waste of time and money. Played for 20 minutes and was bored out of our mind!

Its impossible to move. You tap anywhere and the avatar sits down. What evil spawn of Satan invented that. Its probably so simple they couldnt imagine it failing. For someone who wasted money and became frustrated we feel robbed and insulted. We hate this game. We hate the people that made this game and we hate anyone who recommended this game. If this game was easy for you and you are thinking smug thoughts we hate you too.

Game is unplayable without reading online hints. We are requesting refund.

Whats the objective? Buggy. Crashes on our iPad 7 th gen. Returning.

We have an iPad mini. Cant get her to do anything but stand up. Then finally, she walked to the left and got stuck by some stairs. Tried to walk her back, but she wont move. Just gets home and when we move finger, she is immobile. Please fix.

You need to use a controller to play the game on an iPad.

This game is just sooo good art is stunning, lovely music and sound design only small issues are that it is sometimes hard to see the playable character when they are in water or our view is very zoomed out. Sometimes we also had to google how to get past a certain stage if we didnt understand the hints, but we think thats on us haha.

The game was great and worth every penny we paid. The design and characters are unique and we Hope they make a similar game in the future as we enjoyed this one.

We usually never rate games; but we consider this to be a masterpiece. We were able to finish the game in a couple of hours, but Im definitely going to play it again to try get all achievements. Whoever sings has an angelical voice. The game had us almost in tears towards the end. If you like abstract combined with puzzle then prepare for an emotional ride. Sometimes a little push can get you through some tough times. If you are living for Gris story, then we hope you find our comment helpful.

Gris ishallengng because it requires you to earn capabilities and then learn how and where to use them. It is trial and error, and you sometimes have to try everything everywhere. We do think that on an iPad, at least, the patch in the circle room on level green needs to be widened. Your timing must be perfect to hit the patch that allows you to move on. The patch is too small and we imagine many people quit playing in that spot. But other wise, the game is clever. We appreciate the flowers opening up (during the last half of the game) so that we know where we have been. Otherwise it would be easy to go in circles forever. Great game. The first time we played it took us several hours to complete over 4 or 5 days. The second time it took about 3 hours but was still challenging because we took different routes than the first time.

This is one of the best games we’ve ever played.

The games polished. Now that Im downloading this months after bus were discovered and fixed, we can best describe this game as clean. We do think its only worth 2.99 or 3.99, but this is definitely a good game.

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