Should You Buy Daily Drop Premium Bundle In State of Survival

State of Survival Daily Drop

State of Survival is a mobile strategy game developed by KingsGroup Holdings.

For new players, some might be wondering whether it is a good choice to spend on Daily Drop or even the Daily Drop Premium bundle? Or how to spend wisely and get the most bang out of your money.

We will go into the details on game spending for State of Survival so you’ll at least get the most benefit while spending the least in game.


Before going into the details, it’s worth to note what is worth purchasing in the game first and more specifically what does the top spenders spend on most.

  • One of the best first purchase is the Extra Labor Pack. For $5 you will get a permanent second builder with some other goodies. Two is always better than one and most players will buy the second builder anyway.
  • Try not to spend on speedup unless you are in a newly opened state and doesn’t care to spend more than others to be the strongest in your state.
  • Top players spend a lot for their gears, specifically Chief Gears and Chief Gear Badges which boosts your stats significantly.

So now we know the basics regarding spending in State of Survival but what about Daily Drop Premium bundle. Let’s get to that.

Daily Drop Bundle

  • Daily Drop has two bundles which is the normal bundle and premium bundle that costs $5 and $10 respectively.

State of Survival Daily Drop

Daily Drop Daily Drop Premium
Cost USD 5 USD 10
Daily rewards for how long 30 days 30 days
VIP activated Yes for 30 days No
Daily Biocap 100 200
Daily Small Squad Stamina 10 No
Daily Small Chief Stamina 10 No
Daily VIP points 100 No
Daily Epic Search Map No 1
Daily Rare Hero Badge No 1
Daily Hero Gear Parts No 5
  • Daily Drop bundle comes with 30 Days free VIP which costs 10,000 Biocaps if activated manually. Keeping VIP active is very important as you’ll get construction speed bonus from VIP 4 onwards and VIP 7 gives free Legendary Hero Fragments daily.
  • Biocaps in both bundles is negligible as events will give way more Biocaps.
  • The regular Daily Drop is worth to buy for the free 30 Days VIP and small chief stamina which could be used to get better items hitting daily Plague Zones or during Hunting the Hunter event. Especially for newer states where you don’t get Stamina Supplies that could be saved in your backpack. State of Survival Stamina Supplies
  • DO NOT buy the Daily Drop Premium though. It’s totally not worth it.

Spending Tips for New Players

  • Extra Labor is the best first purchase with a permanent second builder and some other goodies. State of Survival Extra Labor
  • The normal Daily Drop bundle is worth to get for the Chief Stamina especially for newer states where you can’t store the free stamina every 8 hours in your backpack and for the 30 days free VIP activation. VIP 4 onwards get 10% construction speed boost and VIP 7 gets free Legendary Hero Fragment everyday.
  • DO NOT buy any of the normal bundles. They are pretty bad and there are better deals that appear weekly or fortnightly. Take for example the Construction Pack that gives like 10 hours of speedup for $5. You can get 84 hours of speedup with some Legendary Hero Fragments and Hero Gear Parts for just $10 in Wild Racing.
State of Survival Construction PackState of Survival Unlock Wild Racing
  • If you plan to spend, spend it on Chief Gear Design. You can pretty much get to blue chief gear (Frontline) by just doing events (Alliance Showdown, State Warfare and Infected Horde events) but going up to purple (Tactical and Daredevil) will need Chief Gear Design. A single Daredevil will cost like $90.
  • New players often make the mistake of spending on Hero Gear Parts. At the start, you can get enough Hero Gear Parts just by joining alliance events like Influencer Trap and Plague Zones. Also keep your Hero Gear Design if you are in a new state at least until T3 heroes are released because that’s when you will get points for using Hero Gear Design in Survival of the Fittest event.
  • Those planning to get Legendary heroes should wait till at least T3 heroes like Ash, Zoe, and Miho are released for these 3 heroes are very good in PvP. For Legendary heroes, Ray’s Place and Value Vouchers Event gives good Hero Fragment rates.