State of Survival Plague Zone Guide

Plague Zone Event

Last updated on November 15th, 2020 at 04:45 pm


Plague Zone is a mini team event in State Of Survival. So it’s best to coordinate with alliance members. The rewards are pretty good especially for new players, giving Jane fragments as well as Maddie & Frank fragments and some other goodies.

What’s Plague Zone

You may see some Plague Zones on the map and interestingly, when you use the search button to search for one, it’ll actually spawn a new one for you, previously does not exist on the map, with a 1 hour countdown timer to start the event or it’ll disappear.

As shown in screenshots above, Plague Zone could be searched from the map or using the search button. The search button will automatically spawn a Plague Zone of your chosen level on the map with a 1 hour timer before disappear from that spot.

Before Event

Plague Zone Travis

  • This is a stamina consuming event so make sure you have enough stamina or small chief stamina ready before starting.
  • Having Travis is a big plus since Travis will reduce 10% or 20% stamina cost depending on his level. Preferably Travis is maxed or at least at a high enough level.
  • Once someone hit on Plague Zone, the timer will start. You have to complete the event in 30 minutes.
  • Make sure there are alliance members online to help doing Plague Zone especially bigger Plague Zones where there could be 4 menaces.
  • You will need to do 1 Plague Zone a day to get the daily reward by mail next day at UTC 0. Doing more than 1 Plague Zone in a day is just a waste of stamina.

How To Do Plague Zone

  • Search for a Plague Zone then select Launch Strike Team.
  • Strike Team Leader can invite other members, share it to the alliance chat for others to join (there is a 3 mins cooldown), transfer leader and also kick inactive players in the Strike Team.
  • When everyone is ready, you may start to attack the Zone Mobs before moving in to Zone Menace and lastly Zone Matriarch.
  • Some Zone Mobs have more than one on the same spot with a x2 or x3 sign on it. So need to attack multiple times to clear those.
  • Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch both need to send squad into Explore mode to reduce their health first. The remaining health is shown under their tile, eg. x234. Need to attack till their health shown x1 before you may solo or rally attack it.

How To Join Strike Team

  • You may join an existing Strike Team either by Strike Team Leader invite or the link shared in Alliance Chat.
  • You may also go into Events Billboard and go into Plague Zone page to join an existing Strike Team.

Hero Choice

  • As mentioned above, Travis is the most important hero to reduce stamina cost. You will want to use him for solo attacking Zone Mobs/Menace/Matriarch as well as for launching or joining rallies for Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch.
  • For those explore modes when attacking Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch, Mike does the most damage due to his Sure Shot and Triple Tap skill, by passing enemy defence and also shoots at target that attacks another squad member.
  • Rest of the heroes does not matter much.

Attacking Priorities

Plague Zone Attacking Priorities

  • Attack all the Zone Mobs right next to Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch.
  • The red "X" does not need to be attacked.
  • Then proceed to attack Zone Menace and lastly Zone Matriarch.
  • Some rare Plague Zones on the map could have 2 to 4 Zone Menaces but more members could join the Strike Team (normal Plague Zone max 5 team members, bigger Plague Zone can have 10 or 20 max team members).

Plague Zone Points

  • Your daily and weekly score is based on the level of Plague Zone you did as well as the number of menaces in that Plague Zone.
  • The formula for points calculation is pretty easy. When there’s 1 Zone Menace, the point is according to Plague Zone Level. Two Menace = Plague Zone Level + 3. Three or four Menace = Plague Zone Level + 6.
Number of Zone Menace Points Calculation Strike Team Member Limit Strike Team Limit
One Plague Zone Level 5 1
Two Plague Zone Level + 3 10 5
Three or Four Plague Zone Level + 6 20 10
  • The maximum point is 36 Stars (Plague Zone level 30 with 3 or 4 menaces) and with a 100 member alliance that’s 3600 points maximum.


  • There are four types of rewards for doing Plague Zone. So it’s best to do one Plague Zone everyday.

State of Survival Plague Zone Reward 1

  • Attacking Zone Mobs, Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch will give you instant reward by mail which consists of resources, Chief Exp and Advanced Alloy. Those explore mode attacks on Zone Menace and Zone Matriarch will also give Hero Badges and Hero Skill Books.

State of Survival Plague Zone Reward 2

  • Defeating Zone Matriarch will also have an immediate reward by mail consisting of Jane fragments, Combat Manuals and Hero Gear Parts.
  • Daily Plague Zone reward is sent out daily at UTC 0 depending on your highest star rating yesterday. This consists of Jane Fragment, Skill Books, Plague Zone Crate (1 to 5 Maddie & Frank fragments), resources and Alliance Honor/Funds.

State of Survival Weekly Plague Zone Reward

  • Weekly Plague Zone reward based on your weekly alliance score will be sent out to all alliance members weekly.