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  1. Which scientist came up with the equation E = mc2?
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. What is the mathematical formula a2+ b2 = c2?
  4. The Pythagorean theorem
  5. Which of these is the most accurate approximation of pi?
  6. 3.14159
  7. In maths, e = 2.71828. But what is e?
  8. Euler’s number
  9. Which mathematical formula expresses the fact that differentiation and integration are inverse operations of each other?
  10. The fundamental theorem of calculus
  11. What is the scientific equation F = -kx?
  12. Hooke’s law of elasticity
  13. Which of these is an equation of linear systems?
  14. Ax = b
  15. What scientific equation is V = RI?
  16. Ohm’s law
  17. Which famous mathematical principle did Archimedes come up with in the bath?
  18. The principle of buoyancy
  19. As what is Bernoulli’s law of fluid dynamics more commonly known?
  20. Bernoulli’s principle
  21. Scientist John Dalton once proposed that each chemical element is composed of atoms. What name was given to his theory?
  22. Atomic theory
  23. In science, Fourier’s law of heat conduction deals with the transmission of heat in materials.
  24. True
  25. In what did scientist Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier have to live for his final years because his body was so frail?
  26. A wooden box
  27. For what is this the formula: C = 2pr?
  28. Circumference of a circle
  29. Which scientist is responsible for the law of gravitation?
  30. Newton
  31. How would this formula be written: Electrical Energy = Power (Kw) x Time (h)?
  32. E = Pt
  33. With which scientist are the mathematical constants a and d associated?
  34. Mitchell Feigenbaum
  35. The golden ratio f is a number often used in the world of physics.
  36. False
  37. What object did Archimedes use to find out its correct volume in water?
  38. A crown
  39. For what does E = mc2 stand?
  40. Energy and mass times the speed of light

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