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DK Quiz Internet And It Pioneers

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  1. What was the world’s first operational packet switching network which would go on to become the global Internet?
  2. Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
  3. Which president was behind the agency?
  4. Dwight Eisenhower
  5. What event sparked off the agency’s creation?
  6. The Soviet launch of the Sputnik satellite
  7. Who suggested that a computer network be established to allow ARPA research contractors to communicate more easily?
  8. J. C. R. Licklider
  9. The architect of the ARPANET was Paul Baran.
  10. True
  11. Who improved networking technology with the invention of Ethernet?
  12. Bob Metcalfe
  13. What was Hawaii’s 1970s computer network called?
  15. What was the American 1970s satellite network called?
  16. SATNET
  17. Who wrote a Transmission Control Protocol in 1974 that meant different networks could communicate with each other?
  18. Vint Cerf
  19. How is Vint Cerf also known?
  20. The Father of the Internet
  21. In which decade did most universities and research-oriented institutions have computers that were connected to the Internet?
  22. 1980s
  23. Who coined the term "Hypertext"?
  24. Ted Nelson
  25. What did hypertext go on to enable the creation of?
  26. The World Wide Web
  27. Who led the team that created one of the first WWW browsers, Netscape?
  28. Marc Andreesen
  29. Where does a plaque commemorating the "Birth of the Internet" stand?
  30. Stanford University
  31. In which year did Robert Cailliau organize the first International WWW Conference?
  32. 1994
  33. What year saw the rise in "Dot-com" companies?
  34. 1998
  35. What year did the Dot-com bubble burst?
  36. 2001
  37. A new web model for the exchange of information in 2002 was called…
  38. Web 2.0
  39. In 2009, the Global Language Monitor declared "Web 2.0" to be the one-millionth English word.
  40. True

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