Mega Mines

Mega Mines

Mega Mines are resource mines that belong to alliances. After the alliance unlocks a mine, players can then try to attack and occupy the Mega Mine. The area around Mega Mines are relatively richer in resources than other areas.
Detailed rules:

1. When any alliance member defeats the defense troop of the Mega Mine and takes the mine, the alliance officially occupies the mine.

2. All members of the alliance occupying this Mega Mine can get the mining amount buff when mining.

3. Mega Mines can be unlocked by the alliance leader or elders using alliance construction points. Unlocking a Mega Mine requires a certain alliance level which can be checked in the Team Raid stage.

4. After a Mega Mine is unlocked, all members can use a Mega Mine relocation card to relocate to a the green area near the Mega Mine.

5. After a Mega Mine is occupied by an alliance, garrisoning troops in the mine won_t cause another battle, and every member garrisoned in the Mega Mine can mine a certain amount of the 4 resources per hour.

6. Troops can be garrisoned for up to 18hrs.

7. Every day at 9pm server time, every alliance member can receive a reward based on the number of Mega Mines when the prize tally countdown from the previous day is over (once every 24hrs).

8. Every Alliance can simultaneously enjoy up to 3 of the highest level mine bonuses and treasure chest rewards.

9. Treasure chest rewards will be sent out via in-game mail.

10. After a Mega Mine changes hands, there will be a 24 hour protection period during which attacks cannot be made.

11. Alliance members occupying a Mega Mine can also receive a tech level bonus. Occupy a Lv 1 Mega Mine to get a Lv 2 low-level tech buff. Occupy a Lv 2 Mega Mine to get a Lv 3 low-level tech buff. Occupy a Lv 3 Mega Mine to get a Lv 5 low-level tech buff. At most you can receive the highest Mega Mine buff for 3 levels.

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