World Boss Demon King

World Boss Demon King


1. This event lasts 24 hours and is divided into 3 stages (the same as opening times for World Map monster rally attacks). In each stage, Frost Elves will appear randomly on the World Map. All players can make attacks on them and get diamond and gold rewards for killing them. Frost Elves also have a chance of dropping Frost Chests when killed which contain fabulous rewards (randomly generated).

2. When the total amount of Frost Elves killed for the whole server reaches a certain amount, it will summon forth the Demon King. Players can only send one troop at a time to attack the Demon King. All players can make unlimited attacks on the Demon King and receive a participation reward for each attack (limited to 10). After 10 attacks, the player can continue to attack the Demon King but won_t receive a participation reward. The lucky player who gets the Last Hit on the Demon King will also receive a bonus Lucky Hit reward.

3. Killing the Demon King in any of the stages will trigger a Giveaway Event for the whole server on the following day, and it can happen multiple times. So, if the Demon King is killed once during the event, then the next day there will be one Giveaway Event. If the Demon King is killed twice, then there will be two Giveaway Events on the next day, and so on.

4. Rewards for slaying Frost Elves will be sent directly to the player, and the participation reward for the Demon King and last-hit reward will be sent out via in-game mail.

5. The Giveaway Event will start at 5 a.m. server time on the following day.

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