Throne Wars

Throne Wars

Throne Wars takes place in the central zone of the World Map, the Mystery Land. Players fight as part of alliances in a bi-weekly battle for the World Ruler Throne. The alliance who wins Throne Wars can appoint one of its members as World Ruler, who in turn possesses special privileges such as conferring special statuses, banning players from chat, setting World Policies, etc.

Throne Wars Detailed Rules:

  1. After Throne Wars begin, the alliance which successfully occupies the throne the longest within a 24-hour period will receive the power to appoint the World Ruler. The World Ruler has various special privileges.

  2. Within 24 hours of receiving World Ruler naming rights, the alliance leader can appoint a member of his/her alliance as World Ruler (they can access this feature via the battle report in their mailbox). If the leader does not appoint someone within 24 hours, then the leader will automatically become World Ruler.

  3. After an alliance receives power to appoint World Ruler, the Throne will enter a 14-day period of protection.

  4. When this period of protection ends, a new round of Throne Wars will begin.

  5. There are 4 Magic Towers surrounding the Throne. If your alliance occupies a Magic Tower and another alliance is occupying the Throne, then the opponent occupying the Throne will take damage every 30 seconds. The order of attacks on a Magic Tower is determined by who reached the tower first.

  6. Attacks on the Throne or Magic Towers can only be made from in the Mystery Land. Marching speed in the Mystery Land is much slower than in other regions, and there is no way to buy Healing Spring water.

  7. Before Throne Wars begins, non-World Ruler alliances can form Unions to take on the World Ruler. Alliances in Unions can get a Union buff, increasing the damage of troops in the Throne and Magic Towers.

  8. To view other functions related to the World Leader, tap on the Herald in the main home page.

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