Shadow Essence War

Shadow Essence War

Shadow Essence War:

1.After a server has been open for a time, every Wednesday and Sunday at 05:00, 11:00, and 18:00, a certain number of Shadow Essence mines (called “Shadow Mines_) will spawn around the World Ruler Throne.

2.Only players who have joined an alliance can occupy Shadow Mines.

3.After occupying a Shadow Mine, players can invite allies to mine it together, which will greatly increase mining efficiency.

4.Shadow Mines will not be affected by VIP level, Mega Mines, etc.

5.When mining, the player with the higher battle power will be responsible for defending it. After a successful defense, an amount of Health will be regened (does not use up Healing Spring). If the defense fails, then both miners will lose some Health.

6.Players can retreat while mining, but all mined resources will be forfeited.

7. The number of mines is related to the amount mined the previous time.

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