World Map Intro

World Map Intro

The World Map is a place for players to mine resources and interact with each other. The map is divided into 4 kingdoms (Griffin, Unicorn, Phoenix, and Dragon) and a Neutral Zone. Player castles are randomly spread out throughout each kingdom. Aside from castles, there are also mines, Mega Mines, and Wild Monsters scattered across the map.

Every player and alliance belongs to a kingdom, and a player must be in the same kingdom of the alliance he or she wants to join. Players cannot relocate their castles to any region besides their own kingdom or the Neutral Zone.

There are 5 options on the lower right of the World Map interface:

6.Players can tap “Castle” to get other high level castle skins.

7.Tap the “Relocate” button, and a series of places where you can build a castle will display on the map (they will appear as semi-transparent castles). Players can tell whether or not a space is in a Mega Mine zone: Green means it’s in a Mega Mine zone; yellow means it’s outside of a Mega Mine zone.

8.Tap “Intel” to enter the Watchtower interface and look up what players you’re attacking or Mega Mines you’re garrisoning, and you can also withdraw your troops at any time from this interface. You can also see what time you will reach players that you are attacking, or what time they will reach you. In this interface, reinforcements from allies will also be displayed, and you can send them back at any time.

9.Under “Favorites” you’ll find enemies that you’re at war with, favorited players, and blacklisted players.

10.Tap “World Map” for a broad view of the entire map. If a player is in an alliance, then all the Mega Mines on the World Map will be displayed here. Players can tap on any point on the map to see what’s in the area in that piece of land. Tapping the icons in the lower left will toggle the display on the map for those items.

On the World Map, players can attack the castles of non-ally players either individually or in a rally attack, and also mine enough of the 4 resources to upgrade tech.

Players can gather resources by occupying mines. After occupying an empty mine, or one already occupied by another player, a player’s troops will mine resources from the mine. Read about Mines for more details.

Alliances can receive buffs for occupying Mega Mines. When an alliance occupies a Mega Mine, all members of the alliance will get a resource mining buff and a tech buff. Read more about Mega Mines for details.

Players can also get rewards on the World Map by making rally attacks on Wild Monsters. Players can win generous rewards for successfully killing a Wild Monster. For more details, read about Rally Attack mode.

11. The World Ruler’s Throne sits in the very center of the World Map in the Mystery Land. Alliances must try to attack and occupy the Throne during Throne Wars. The winning alliance can then select one of its members to be World Ruler who in turn enjoys various special privileges. Throne Wars takes place once every 14 days, lasting 24 hours, and the alliance which successfully occupies the throne the longest within this time period will receive the power to appoint the World Ruler. Attacks on the Throne or Magic Towers can only be made from in the Mystery Land. Marching speed in the Mystery Land is much slower than in other regions, and there is no way to buy Healing Spring water. There are 4 Magic Towers surrounding the Throne. If your alliance occupies a Magic Tower and another alliance is occupying the Throne, then the opponent occupying the Throne will take damage every 30 seconds. The order of attacks on a Magic Tower is determined by who reached the tower first.

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