Mystique Ch1 Foetus Walkthrough

Mystique Ch1 Foetus Walkthrough

Mystique Ch1 Foetus Walkthrough

You regain consciousness in what appears to be some sort of dark, abandoned bathroom. What is this place? Why don’t you remember anything? You see blood marks on the walls? What’s going on here?

Mystique Ch1 Foetus Part I


Mystique Ch1 Foetus Part I Explanation

  1. Pull up the stopper and let the blood flow away.
  2. Now open the the rack beside, collect a bandage and electric shaver.
  3. Now collect a toothbrush from the water tank.
  4. Open the cabinet below the basin, and you can collect a electricsaw from the right side.
  5. Now collect a hammer below the bathtub.
  6. Check the bathtub, use the toothbrush to collect a key from the hole.
  7. Now back to the cabinet below the basin, there is a box inside the left part.
  8. Use key to open it, collect a pliers and a screwdriver.
  9. Now back to the basin, beside there is a charger for electric shaver.
  10. Charge the electric shaver and collect it.
  11. Double tap the electric shaver to observe it, now use screwdriver on it and collect 2 batteries.
  12. Now check the below the bathtub on the other side and you can collect a torch light.

Mystique Ch1 Foetus Part II


Mystique Ch1 Foetus Part II Explanation

  1. Replace the batteries into the torch light.
  2. Check the cracked wall beside, and use hammer on it.
  3. After the blue wires reveal, use pliers to cut it down.
  4. Now the room will turn dark, turn on your torch light now.
  5. Double tap the saw, replace the wires on it and use the bandage to cover it.
  6. Beside the basin have an electric socket, plug in the electric saw.
  7. Now move to the door, use the electric saw to open door.

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