Rooms Walkthrough by FV iMAGINATION

Rooms Walkthrough

Rooms Walkthrough for Level 1 to 60 with Cheats, Solutions, Hints and game explanation for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android. Game developed by FV iMAGINATION.

Rooms – Open The Doors To Escape! This is the first escape game developed by Francesco Franchini.

Rooms have total 50 levels now! With many addicting mini puzzle games, you need to try everything to escape from every room!

No hints and it really twist your brain very hard! But don’t worry, will keep update the walkthrough and let you escape every room from ROOMS!

Rooms is no ads and it’s free now, so download it now and try your best! Remember to rate the game, your support is the best motivation to continue develop more best games and apps!

Rooms are highly recommended by! Enjoy!

Download Rooms

iPhone | iPad

Rooms Level 1

Rooms Level 1

Rooms Level 1 Walkthrough, Answers, Solutions, Cheats and Hints for Level 1 with explanation on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android.

  1. Follow the clue in the middle.
  2. Down, right, down and left.
  3. Open door.

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