State of Survival Alliance Showdown Event

Alliance Showdown Event


Alliance Showdown is a regular event in State Of Survival. The battle itself is similar to PvP but all you have to do is just to send troops in during registration stage and the battles will run automatically.

So it’s a no brainer to join this event as the rewards which contain coins for you to exchange it for items to upgrade hero gears and chief gears. There are few stages in this event and we’ll go into the details.

Registration Stage

  • All alliance member must register individually during the 3 days registration stage.
  • Everyone who is HQ 10 and above can register.
  • There must be at least 10 registered alliance members.
  • There are 3 lanes and the winning condition is to hold 2 out of 3 lanes. Usually R4 or R5 of an alliance will inform which lanes to send your troops in.
  • If there are less than 10 registered participants, the alliance will not be able to participate.
  • If the alliance has successfully registered in Alliance Showdown, all registered members will receive rewards, even if their troops did not get to participate in battles.
  • Troops and heroes sent into Alliance Showdown can still be used outside of this event.
  • Troops will not die or injure during the fight in Alliance Showdown.

What Troops/Heroes to Send

  • Your power for alliance showdown is determined once you send troops in and locked in that state. So it’s best to resend if you have gotten stronger.
  • Massive March talent and items that boost march capacity or war stats will help. You may send troops in when you are doing Influence Trap event as you will most likely boost stats to the highest for Trap.
  • The fight itself works exactly like PvP. But you’ll want to send more infantries to survive a second attack if you win the first one.
  • Suggested troop formation is 50/20/30 (infantry/rider/hunter). Then you’ll have reasonable amount of infantries to last both attacks.
  • For heroes follow PvP rules. Eva, Maddie, Chef is a good choice for F2P players. Zoe, Miho, Ernie/Ash is the best choice for P2P players.

Manage Lanes

  • Usually R4 or R5 will let alliance members know which lanes to send their troops to.
  • Since the winning condition is winning 2 out of 3 lanes, it is advisable to have strongest players in two lanes, eg. Left and Middle lanes and those weaker ones send to the Right lane.
  • Even R4 and R5 will not be able to move individual participants between lanes. So it’s best to take note whether everyone has sent to the correct lane and to let them know to switch lanes before registration ends if they do not send according to your plan.

Matching Stage

  • 6 alliances on the same showdown tier and similar alliance battle power will be matched to the same group.
  • Registered alliances cannot be disbanded until the Alliance Showdown event has ended.
  • Alliance members who leave the alliance during the matching stage will have their troops remain in their lanes but will not receive rewards.

Preparation Stage

  • There will be 5 rounds of tournament until your alliance fought with all the other 5 alliances in your group.
  • Before each round, R4 and R5 can switch the entire lane of troops to another lane.
  • Individual participants cannot be moved around.

Battle Stage

  • This stage will take 2 days to finish with a 12 hour interval between each round for R4 or R5 to study their next opponent and switch lanes accordingly.
  • Each participant can only fight twice. The remaining troops of winner will fight against troops of the next opponent.
  • The alliance that defeats all troops in a lane will capture the flag for that lane.
  • The alliance that captures the most flags (2 or all 3 flags) will win and obtain 3 points.
  • The alliance that captures the least flags (0 or 1 flag) loses and obtain 0 point.
  • If both alliances capture the same number of flags, ie. 1 each, it will result in a tie and both alliances will obtain 1 point.

Completion Stage

  • After all the five rounds of battle, group ranking is calculated.
  • Ranking is based on points obtained by each alliance.
  • In case two alliances score the same number of points, ranking will be based on total number of flags captured and power of enemy troops killed.


  • Event reward is based on alliance tier as well as event ranking.
  • Each tier will need 5 stars to progress to the next tier.

Rank 1

Tier Member/Lane Star 5 mins speedup Supply Crate Showdown Coins
Bronze I 10 4 14 185 9,500
Silver I-II 15 4 19 250 11,900
Gold I-III 20 3 26 335 14,300
Platinum I-IV 20 3 35 455 16,700
Diamond I-V 20 3 47 615 20,200
Master 20 2 63 830 23,800

Rank 2 and 3

Tier Member/Lane Star 5 mins speedup Supply Crate Showdown Coins
Bronze I 10 4 12 160 7,600
Silver I-II 15 4 16 215 9,500
Gold I-III 20 3 22 295 11,400
Platinum I-IV 20 3 30 395 13,300
Diamond I-V 20 3 41 535 16,200
Master 20 2 55 720 19,000

Rank 4 and 5

Tier Member/Lane Star 5 mins speedup Supply Crate Showdown Coins
Bronze I 10 2 11 140 5,700
Silver I-II 15 2 14 190 7,100
Gold I-III 20 1 19 255 8,600
Platinum I-IV 20 1 26 345 10,000
Diamond I-V 20 1 35 465 12,100
Master 20 1 48 625 14,300

Rank 6

Tier Member/Lane Star 5 mins speedup Supply Crate Showdown Coins
Bronze I 10 1 9 120 3,800
Silver I-II 15 1 12 165 4,800
Gold I-III 20 0 17 220 5,700
Platinum I-IV 20 0 23 300 6,700
Diamond I-V 20 -1 31 405 8,100
Master 20 -2 41 545 9,500

Goods Swap

State of Survival Alliance Showdown Goods Swap

  • Depending on your alliance ranking and the current tier, all alliance members will receive Showdown Coins.
  • You may exchange coins for items in the event screen itself and go in to Goods Swap.
  • The items in this store will refresh when a new Showdown starts. So make sure to exchange before the shop refreshes.
  • Recommended to spend coins for Hero Gear Parts and items for Chief Gear.