State of Survival Kill Stage

Kill Stage Event

Kill Stage or Kill Event (KE) is a regular event that happens every two weeks in State of Survival. This will be a two days event and the objective is to kill enemy troops.


  • Usually Kill Stage will be available on the same week as Capital Clash or State Warfare, which alternates every 2 weeks.
  • Kill Stage is a 2 days event that needs to get points to unlock crates and get ranked, but the task is to simply kill troops.
  • Kill Stage starts on Friday 0 UTC and runs till end of Saturday at 23:59:59 UTC.
  • The higher level of troops killed, the more point it is.

How to Get Points for Kill Stage

  • So in order to get points you have to kill troops but it is actually counted as killed as long as you injure enemy troops.
  • Killing troops can be classified into 3 categories: State of Survival Kill Stage 01
    • Lightly wounded troops will recover as soon as troops return to the settlement.
    • Wounded troops are injured troops that will be sent to the hospital and needs to be healed unless the hospital capacity is full. If hospital is full:
      • 70% of troops will be sent to Enlistment Office.
      • 30% of troops will be counted as losses.
    • Lost troops are considered killed. This will only happen if you are the attacker or if you defend with a full hospital capacity.

Before event

  • R4 and R5 of an alliance in older states make sure to restock Peace Flares or shields in the alliance store.
  • R4 and R5 notify members when Kill Event is going to start and advice everyone try not to gather resources during Kill Stage and weaker members to activate Flares or shields if not participating in Kill Stage.
  • Those who plan to go offense during Kill Stage, especially rally leaders should switch to WAR talent.
  • Kill Stage runs for the whole 2 days so stock up on Flares or Recon Jammers.

Doing Kill Stage Defensively (with minimal risks)

  • If you just want to unlock the crates for Kill Stage and not get into top ranked for this event, there are easy ways to get points.
  • Attack other players’ farming tiles which is known as tile hits. It is best to do this when event just started as there will be more targets. Attacking tiles, both attacker and defender troops will go to hospital unless hospital capacity is full.
  • Reinforce your alliance members’ settlement if they are under attack. You can get points easily this way and it’s even possible to reinforce others when you are under a shield.
  • Attacking your own farming account tiles to help each other get Kill points.

Doing Kill Stage Offensively (risky)

  • It makes sense to go out attacking other players. After all this is a war game.
  • Do keep in mind that troops lost when attacking enemy settlement won’t go into the Enlistment Office.
  • Always recon before attacking.
  • Attack significantly weaker settlements or alliances. The bigger the difference in strength, the less troops you will lose.
  • If target is too strong, it might be a good idea to rally with alliance members.

If not Participating

  • If you are not participating in Kill Stage, just activate Peace Flares.
  • Do not send troops out for gathering. Some players activate Peace Flares but sent their troops out gathering only to be attacked later.
  • You may also ask your alliance member to reinforce you in case you are under attack.

Hiding Your Troops

  • There may be time that your Peace Flare or shield might expire when you are offline or you do not have a Peace Flare.
  • You may send your troops somewhere instead of staying home where you know you will be attacked:
    • Send troops to your alliance member’s settlement as reinforcement which has a Peace Flare or strong enough to deter people from attacking.
    • Hide your troops in the Blast Shelter. There is a limit of 8 hour and once you sent it in, there is a 5 minutes cooldown so if you recall straight away, you will have to wait for the 5 minutes cooldown before able to hide again.
    • Join or start a rally as all troops in a rally are invulnerable.
    • Upgrade troops as troops upgrading will be taken out from your army count.
    • Using Advanced Relocator will cancel any attack or rally towards your settlement.

Points in Kill Stage

Kill or heavily wound 1 level # troop Point
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 3
5 4
6 5
7 7
8 9
9 11
10 13